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1 Mortality Related to Actigraphic Long and Short Sleep - PMC
This study confirms a U-shaped relationship between survival and actigraphically measured sleep durations, with the optimal objective sleep duration being ...
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2 Daniel Kripke - UCSD Profiles
Kripke has spent over 30 years at UCSD. He developed the first sleep clinic in the region and new technologies for home sleep monitoring and wrist actigraphy.
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3 Surprising View of Insomnia and Sleeping Pills
Chen, Su, and Chou in this issue of SLEEP present a study that challenges several pervasive beliefs about sleep disorders.1 They ... Daniel F. Kripke, MD.
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4 How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? - TIME,8599,1812420,00.html
Sleep expert Daniel Kripke reviews the research and says 8 hours is not necessarily best for all.
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5 About Dr. Kripke: Chapter 12 of The Dark Side of Sleeping ...
For many years, he has done research with the Scripps Clinic Viterbi Family Sleep Center. Dr. Kripke was elected a Fellow of the American Psychiatric ...
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6 Five Hours Sleep Enough for a Longer Life - UCSD Guardian
The common idea that 8 hours of sleep nightly is necessary for health may not be true. Psychiatry professor Daniel F. Kripke led a study found ...
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7 Hypnotics' association with mortality or cancer - BMJ Open
Objectives An estimated 6%–10% of US adults took a hypnotic drug for poor sleep in 2010. This study extends previous reports associating hypnotics with ...
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8 Dr. Daniel Kripke, Scripps Sleep Center - YouTube
KPBS Public Media
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9 Daniel F. Kripke, M.D. - Benzodiazepine Information Coalition
He also has done research with the Scripps Clinic Viterbi Family Sleep Center. Dr. Kripke was elected a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, ...
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10 Women's study finds longevity means getting just enough sleep
In that earlier study, part of the Women's Health Initiative, Kripke and colleagues had monitored 459 women living in San Diego (ranging in age ...
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11 Study Ties 6-7 Hours of Sleep to Longer Life
Daniel Kripke, a psychiatrist at the University of California at San Diego. The study was published in the February issue of the Archives of ...
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12 - Experts challenge study linking sleep, life span
Daniel Kripke, who led the study. Kripke is a professor of psychiatry who specializes in sleep research at the Univ. of California, San Diego. " ...
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13 Study finds 6 hours of sleep is sufficient - The Michigan Daily
Kripke maintained the results of the research leave many questions about the connection between sleep patterns and mortality.
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14 Study finds higher death risk with sleeping pills - Medical Xpress
... heart disease and other ail-ments," said author Daniel F. Kripke, M.D., of the Viterbi Family Sleep Center in San Diego.
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15 Mortality Associated With Sleep Duration and Insomnia
Slight risks associated with8 or more hours of sleep and sleeping pill use need further study. Causality is unproven. MANY PATIENTS complain to ...
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16 Chapter 11 of Brighten Your Life, an ebook by Daniel F. Kripke ...
Dr. Kripke has also been associated with the Scripps Clinic Viterbi Family Sleep Center, La Jolla, California. In 1981, Dr. Kripke published the first ...
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17 Is Short Sleep a Big Bad Wolf? | HuffPost Life
Dr. Kripke has studied the health of people with different sleep durations among over 2 million participants in American Cancer Society ...
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18 Daniel F. Kripke's research works | University of California ...
Epidemiologic studies have consistently shown that sleeping < 7 hr and ≥ 8 hr is associated with increased mortality and morbidity. The risks of short sleep ...
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19 ‪Daniel F. Kripke‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬
Mortality associated with sleep duration and insomnia. DF Kripke ... Hypnotics' association with mortality or cancer: a matched cohort study. DF Kripke ...
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20 hypnotics cause insomnia: evidence from clinical trials
Daniel F. Kripke. Viterbi Family Sleep Center. Scripps Clinic W-207 ... Many epidemiologic studies have found insomnia associated hypnotic drug use. It is.
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21 Daniel F. Kripke, M.D. 8437 Sugarman Drive (home, preferred ...
Co-Director of Research. Scripps Clinic Viterbi Family Sleep Center. 10666 North Torrey Pines Road, 207W. La Jolla, California 92037. CONTACT:.
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22 Sleep Deprivation: The Great American Myth | Live Science
Still, more sleep is no guarantee for overall health, and more sleeping pills might not bring on either. A six-year study Kripke headed up of ...
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23 [PDF] Mortality associated with sleep duration and insomnia.
D. Kripke, L. Garfinkel, +2 authors. M. Marler; Published 1 February · M. Marler; Published 1 February 2002 · Medicine, Psychology · Archives of general ...
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24 Wrist actigraphic scoring for sleep laboratory patients ...
Daniel F. Kripke, MD, Scripps Clinic Sleep Center, W‐207, ... Wrist actigraphy is employed increasingly in sleep research and clinical sleep ...
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25 Sleep and aging. - APA PsycNET
Ancoli-Israel, S., Kripke, D. F., Klauber, M. R., Mason, W. J., Fell, R., Kaplan, O. (1991a). Sleep disordered breathing in community dwelling elderly. Sleep, ...
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26 Death, Cancer Increased With Hypnotics - Medscape
Kripke, MD, co-director of research at the Scripps Clinic Viterbi Family Sleep Center in La Jolla, California, told Medscape Medical News. Dr.
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27 Can People Sleep Too Much? Effects of Extended ... - Frontiers
We analyzed sleep data from two human studies with sleep ... at night are at greater risk of death and other effects [e.g., (Kripke, 2004)].
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28 Too Much, Too Little Sleep May Be Harmful - ABC News
"The main implication is good news," said Dr. Daniel Kripke, professor of psychiatry at UCSD and lead author of the study.
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29 An Epidemiological Sleep Study Based on a Large-Scale ...
The sleep-wake states evaluated by the Cole-Kripke sleep estimation algorithm from AMI actigraph data were used as supervised signals during training.
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30 Mortality associated with nonrestorative short sleep or ... - Nature
Using data from 5804 participants of the Sleep Heart Health Study, ... Kripke et al. associated actigraphic long sleep duration with higher ...
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31 Are You Sleeping Enough -- or Too Much? - WebMD
Study leader Daniel F. Kripke, MD, tells WebMD that this is good news for most of us. The average American gets six-and-a-half hours of sleep ...
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32 Sleep a solid eight hours a night | UK news - The Guardian
Additional studies are needed to determine if setting your alarm clock earlier will actually improve your health," Prof Kripke said.
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33 Health Risk of Insomnia | SpringerLink
Kripke DF, Ancoli-Israel S (1983) Epidemiology of sleep apnea among the aged: is sleep apnea a fatal disorder? In: Guilleminault C, Lugaresi E (eds) ...
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34 Study Links 8 Hours' Sleep to Shorter Life Span
The controversial study, which tracked the sleeping habits of 1.1 ... But Kripke said it is possible that people who sleep longer tend to ...
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35 Delayed sleep phase cases and controls
Conclusion: These results indicate a DSPD phenotype is familial and associated with unipolar depression. How to Cite: Kripke, D.F., Rex, K.M., ...
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36 Sleepless in San Diego | 2002-03-15 | AHC Media
This is a huge study about a universally applicable condition (sleep), and it is difficult to ignore it. Dr. Kripke has done us a favor by stimulating ...
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37 Research may bury the 8-hour sleep rule | The Blade
Dr. Kripke is a professor of psychiatry at the University of California at San Diego who specializes in sleep research. He wrote the editorial but was not ...
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38 Sleep Duration and All-Cause Mortality: A Systematic Review ...
A prospective study of change in sleep duration: associations with mortality in the Whitehall II cohort. Sleep 2007;30:1659-66. 7. Kripke DF, Garfinkel L, ...
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39 Study Links Longer Night's Sleep to Increased Death Rate
Kripke of the University of California at San Diego and his colleagues scrutinized the sleeping habits of more than 1.1 million adults aged 30 ...
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40 Study on sleep-death link controversial -
Daniel F. Kripke, of the University of California at San Diego's Department of Psychiatry, told United Press International: "The study does not prove that ...
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41 Objective Measures of Sleep Apnea and Actigraphy-Based ...
Between 2012 and 2016, participants underwent home sleep apnea testing and ... to annotate sleep and wake periods, which was analyzed using the Cole-Kripke ...
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42 Do No Harm: Not Even to Some Degree
1 Kripke DFLanger RDKline LEHypnotics' association with mortality or cancer: a ... Sleep-disordered breathing and mortality: a prospective cohort studyPLoS ...
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43 Insufficient sleep: Definition, epidemiology, and adverse ...
Chronic sleep insufficiency is common in modern society and may result from a ... in a population-based sample: Chicago Area Sleep Study.
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44 The relationship between micronutrient status and sleep ...
However, studies that focused on secondary sleep impairment due to comorbidities were ... Grandner, MA, Kripke, DF, Naidoo, N et al.
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45 A Prospective Study of Self-Reported Sleep Duration and ...
However, a recent study demonstrated that sleep deprivation can ... study is consistent with a recently published article by Kripke et al.
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46 Scripps Study Finds Higher Death Risk With Sleeping Pills
Kripke, MD, of the Viterbi Family Sleep Center at Scripps Health in San Diego. The research is the first to show that eight of the most commonly ...
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47 Sleep study's surprise finding: Snooze eight hours, you lose | The ...
The study was not designed to answer why sleeping longer may be deleterious or whether people could extend life by sleeping less. Kripke said it was possible ...
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48 The Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index: A New Instrument for
We will also discuss possible applications for the PSQI in psychiatric clinical practice and research studies. Questionnaire Format. A number of previous ...
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49 Take advantage of natural sleep science - NBC News
Still, more sleep is no guarantee for overall health, and more sleeping pills might not bring on either. A six-year study Kripke headed up, ...
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50 Association between sleep duration and metabolic syndrome
Both short and long sleep duration have been consistently studied as a risk factor for obesity, hyperglycemia and hypertension.
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51 The Global Problem of Insufficient Sleep and Its Serious ...
The study found that there was a 29% higher risk of CVD in study subjects who had insomnia or poor sleep with short sleep when compared to a reference group, ...
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52 Publications - Sleep & Health Research Program
Obstructive sleep apnea in pregnancy: Performance of a rapid screening tool. ... Grandner, M. A., Kripke, D. F., Elliott, J. A., and Cole, R. J. (2013).
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53 Redefining Cardiovascular Health to Include Sleep
The analytic sample consisted of MESA (Multi‐Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis) Sleep Study participants who had complete data on sleep ...
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54 Editorial Cites Evidence of Longer Life with 6 to 7 Hours Sleep
The best survival rate is experienced by people who sleep 7 hours, ... and the Cancer Prevention Study II by Kripke, that was reported in ...
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55 Light exposure during sleep impairs cardiometabolic function
This study showed that a full night of sleep deprivation with nighttime light exposure increased postprandial levels of insulin and glucagon-like peptide-1, ...
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56 MP217-Polysomnography and Sleep Studies - Geisinger
Utility of actigraphy in the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep. 2002;25(5):527-531. Jean-Louis G, Kripke DF, Cole RJ, Assmus JD, Langer ...
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57 Journals AZ - Scientific Research Publishing
Kripke, D.F., Garfinkel, L., Wingard, D.L., et al. (2002) Mortality associated with sleep duration and insomnia. Archives of General Psychiatry, 59, ...
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58 People who sleep for seven hours a night live longest - Abstract
The study did not explain why there was an association between longer sleep and higher mortality. The first author, Dr Daniel Kripke, a professor of psychiatry ...
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59 LCD - Outpatient Sleep Studies (L35050) - CMS
Sleep studies and polysomnography refer to the continuous and ... Sadeh A, Hauri P, Kripke DF, Lavie P. The Role of Actigraphy in the Evaluation of Sleep ...
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60 Killer in the Bedroom: Sleeping Pill Study Raises Concerns
In 2010, approximately 6% to 10% of adults in this country took a hypnotic drug (i.e. zolpidem, temazepam), to help them sleep (Kripke D., et al, 2012).
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61 Sleep Disturbances and Their Relationship to Cardiovascular ...
Committee on Sleep Medicine and Research Board on Health Sciences Policy. Sleep Disorders and Sleep Deprivation: An Unmet Public Health Problem. Washington, DC: ...
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62 Chances are, you're getting enough sleep | Science | AAAS
UC San Diego sleep researcher Daniel Kripke—who was not involved in the research—agrees. "I'm inclined to believe that the Old Wives' tale that people ...
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63 How does CentrePoint Calculate Sleep Periods?
The Cole Kripke algorithm was derived from research performed by Roger Cole, and Daniel Kripke in the technical note Automatic Sleep/Wake ...
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64 Sleep medicine - Wikipedia
The first sleep clinics in the United States were established in the 1970s by interested physicians and technicians; the study, diagnosis and treatment of ...
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65 Sleep-Wake Disturbances in People With Cancer Part I
Psychiatry Research, 28, 193-213. Cagnacci, A., Elliott, J.A., & Yen, S.S.C. (1992). Melatonin: A major regulator of the circadian rhythm of core temperature in ...
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66 The Use of Hypnotics and Mortality - A Population-Based ...
Background Sleep disorders, especially chronic insomnia, ... Methods We conducted this retrospective cohort study using data from the ...
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67 Sleep apnea in female patients in a nursing home - Gale
Studies by Kripke and Ancoli-Israel[15] and by Kripke et al[16] concluded that one of the few conditions that could cause both increased sleep and increased ...
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68 Insomnia with Short Sleep Duration and Mortality - SleepClinic
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69 Selected Bibliography | My Site 6 - Ambulatory Monitoring, Inc.
“The Role of Actigraphy in the Study of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms”, ... Daniel F. Kripke, William J. Mason, Jeffrey A. Elliott, Shawn D. Youngstedt.
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70 Sleeping 8 hours isn't optimal anymore | by Tyler Hill | Harvey
Sleep research specialist and professor of Psychiatry at UCSD, Daniel F. Kripke, MD, concluded from the research: “Individuals who average 6.5 hours of ...
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71 Mortality Associated With Sleep Duration and Insomnia - OSF
vention Study I (CPSI) gave health ques-. See also page 137. ORIGINAL ARTICLE. From the Departments of. Psychiatry (Drs Kripke and. Marler) and Family and.
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72 Examination of wrist and hip actigraphy using a novel sleep ...
The study sample consisted of patients attending a local sleep clinic for various ... Actigraph epochs were scored for sleep using the Cole-Kripke algorithm ...
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73 Publications - Dr. Michael Grandner
Acculturation associated with sleep duration, sleep quality, and sleep disorders at the US-Mexico border. International Journal of Environmental Research and ...
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74 Hypnotic drug risks of mortality, infection - F1000Research
Daniel F. Kripke ... The recommended doses objectively increase sleep little if at all, daytime performance is often made worse (not better) and the lack of ...
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75 A 3-year longitudinal study of sleep disordered breathing in ...
This nocturnal unattended home-sleep study was performed in all subjects using a polygraphic system ... Ancoli-Israel S,; Kripke DF,; Klauber MR,; et al.
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76 Benchmark on a large cohort for sleep-wake classification with ...
In this work, we study six of these algorithms: Webster,28 Cole-Kripke algorithm,6. Sadeh,5. Oakley,32. Sazonov,9. Scripps Clinic.21. The historical information ...
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77 Indicators of and Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
The National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project involves a partnership between the. American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Center for Disease Control and Sleep ...
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78 Sleep Health: Journal of the National Sleep Foundation
Studies have shown that unhealthy sleep impacts metabolism,2-5 immune function,2, ... (21) Kripke DF, Garfinkel L, Wingard DL, Klauber MR, Marler MR.
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79 Sleep Patterns and Total Mortality: A 12-Year Follow-up Study ...
DANIEL F. KRIPKE. Possibility that certain hypnotics might cause cancer in skin. Journal of Sleep Research. 2008, Vol.17, No.3, p.245.
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80 How Much Sleep Do We Really Need to Work Productively?
In his most recent study Kripke found that “people who sleep between 6.5 hr. and 7.5 hr. a night, live the longest, are happier and most ...
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81 The Dangers of Self-Help Sleep Solutions - Cerebra Health
Rarely do they provide significant improvement – sleep studies show they only help ... Kripke, D. (2013) Surprising view of insomnia and sleeping pills.
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82 Ten Things the Sleep Industry Won't Say - WSJ
But sleep specialists say some patients taking sleeping pills also ... The study, conducted by Dr. Kripke, found that 2% of people who ...
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83 Actigraphy-Based Sleep Detection: Validation with ...
Certain studies showed that the Cole-Kripke algorithm can achieve a specificity up to 0.65 and can reduce the overestimation of total sleep time ...
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84 Obesity Raises Death Risk Tied to Sleeping Pills
Research showed 8 commonly used hypnotic drugs associated with increased ... with sleep apnea," said study co-author Daniel Kripke, M.D., ...
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85 Michael Grandner, PhD, MTR, CBSM, FAASM - Psychiatry
His work focuses on translational sleep research and Behavioral Sleep ... Grandner, M. A., Kripke, D. F., Yoon, I. Y., and Youngstedt, S. D. (2006).
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86 Sleep Apnea (Obstructive) - American Dental Association
Time-synchronized video recording is included during the overnight sleep study, plus sound recording to assess breathing and snoring levels.
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87 Implementation of Sleep and Circadian Science
Sleep Research Society and National Institutes of Health Workshop. Sairam Parthasarathy, MD1; Mary A. ... Kripke DF, Garfinkel L, Wingard DL, et al.
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88 Sleep: What We Need and How to Get More - Steps to Leaps
Sleep-disordered breathing – typically sleep apnea – can be successfully ... Kripke DF, Garfinkel L, Wingard DL, Klauber MR, Marler MR.
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89 The links between sleep duration, obesity and type 2 diabetes ...
Epidemiological cohort studies established short sleep duration as a risk factor ... adverse events like increased risk of death and cancer (Kripke et al.
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90 Prospective Study of the Association between Sleep ...
Background Sleep-disordered breathing is prevalent in the general ... 709 participants of the Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study (and after eight ...
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91 How long should we sleep? - SuperMemo Guru
Using surveys or lab sleep data, they often come with a ... The erroneous conclusions media drew from Dr Daniel Kripke team study come from ...
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92 Sleep Health: An Opportunity for Public Health to Address ...
In prior decades of sleep research, scholars tended to focus on a narrow range of sleep problems, which were disease oriented rather than positively framed ...
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93 Hypnotics and mortality Risk | Clever Sleep
Kripke et al. analyzed a large database of diagnosis codes ... in this study is that hypnotics can exacerbate sleep apnea, which.
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94 ‪Daniel F. Kripke‬ - ‪Google 학술 검색‬
The role of actigraphy in the evaluation of sleep disorders ... Hypnotics' association with mortality or cancer: a matched cohort study. DF Kripke ...
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95 How Mothers Have Balanced Postpartum Depression and Sleep
Through her clinic work, Kripke says she learned that sleep is the first thing to go for anxious mothers. Nearly 50% of people with anxiety6 ...
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