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1 Natural Childbirth - Not Just for Superheroes Anymore!
No one has to “go natural” if they do not want to, certainly giving birth with pain medications is the overwhelmingly more common choice in the Dallas area. If ...
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2 I brainwashed myself with the internet - NBC News
It's impossible to know whether Judith's baby would be alive if she had induced at 42 weeks or scheduled a cesarean section or made any choices ...
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3 5 tips on natural childbirth from an Ob/Gyn who experienced it
Some women consider any vaginal birth a natural childbirth, regardless of whether it includes getting an epidural or Pitocin to induce labor.
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4 NYT Parenting. Here's Why We Won't Say 'Natural Birth.'
It's imprecise and can make families whose births are deemed not “natural” feel shame.
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5 13 Benefits of Natural Childbirth
Birth has gone from being a normal biological process to a medicalized event. Epidurals, Pitocin, and IVs are the norm more often that not.
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6 What You Need to Know About Natural Birth - Healthline
As with all types of childbirth, “natural” birth takes a different amount of time for everyone. Without medical intervention, your cervix will ...
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7 The obsession with 'natural' birth is just another way to judge a ...
As anyone who has been to a certain kind of pre-natal “support group” knows, ... The cult of natural childbirth has gone too far.
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8 Watching The Clock: A Mother's Hope For A Natural Birth In A ...
In the end, my son is healthy, I'm fine, and we had the vaginal delivery that epidemiological data suggest was safest for both of us and for any ...
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9 Natural Childbirth | Sacramento Hospitals - Dignity Health
The second stage of labor is the pushing phase. Women who have not received any pain medication during birth often describe an irresistible desire to push and a ...
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10 Why Are Women Still Refusing Painkillers During Childbirth?
In that context, any birth from a biological womb rather than a synthetic one could be considered natural. But for women living in 2018, wanting ...
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11 Vaginal Laxity and Childbirth: Is a “Loose Vagina” Common ...
The claims made on such bottles often have no clinical data to support them. Nor are there any compelling reasons to believe that these products would work, ...
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12 Natural Childbirth V: Epidural Side Effects and Risks
There is still much we don't understand about birth, and even more we don't have direct control over. In some cases, despite a woman's best efforts to have a ...
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13 understanding your rights during pregnancy, labor ... -
I gave birth by cesarean with my first child, and the recovery was hard for me. But my OB-GYN has mentioned that she doesn't like to do vaginal birth after ...
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14 'Gentle' C-sections are growing in popularity | CNN
Compared with cesarean section, vaginal birth provides more maternal satisfaction and has better bonding and breastfeeding outcomes, ...
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15 It's time to recognize the damage of childbirth, doctors ... - PBS
Many women assume this is what you get when you have a baby. ... toilet paper is often abrasive and painful after vaginal delivery.
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16 Five Myths and Facts About Childbirth and Uterine Prolapse
"Certainly, have as many babies as makes sense for you, your family and your life, but not so much based on your pelvic floor," she says. "You ...
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17 Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC): Facts, Safety & Risks
The answer is yes, you likely can. Studies have shown that vaginal birth after cesarean delivery has a success rate of 60% to 80%.
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18 5 FAQ about laughing gas for pain relief during labor, delivery
Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, has been making a comeback as a pain-relief option for women during childbirth.
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19 Giving birth to twins or more - NHS
As with any vaginal birth, you may need an assisted birth. This is where forceps or vacuum delivery are used to help deliver your babies.
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20 Why the C-section rate is much higher than it should be in US
We have a higher tolerance to pain for childbirth. Our bodies are designed to go through vaginal childbirth and then transition back to our pre ...
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21 An Interview with Myself: On Epidurals and Natural Birth
Choosing to have a natural birth is such a personal decision. Everyone has their reasons to have, or not have, a natural birth. Several girls ...
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22 Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) - TriHealth
Today, most women who have had cesarean births are encouraged to give birth through the vagina if no risk factors are present. For most women, the benefits of ...
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23 Can You Have A Natural Birth When Induced?
A lot of people can't have a natural birth, with no epidural, when they have Pitocin, but I did have a friend who did it, and she didn't want to ...
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24 Babies Take Longer To Come Out Than They Did In ... - NPR
Another big change is that many more women have induced labors these days. That is, they're not permitted to go into labor spontaneously. One in ...
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25 Why we need to talk about losing a baby
Many women still do not receive appropriate and respectful care when their baby dies during pregnancy or childbirth. Here, we share your stories from around the ...
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26 Scientists Have Figured Out Why Childbirth Became So ...
The majority of these issues arise during pregnancy and are either avoidable or curable. However, childbirth is still dangerous. The World ...
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27 Natural Childbirth - Cookeville Regional Medical Center
Why natural childbirth? Patients have said they want to avoid the low potential risks associated with epidural, and some simply want to see what their bodies ...
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28 6 things to know when considering natural childbirth
My thinking has shifted substantially in the years since, instigated in part by my own far-from-ideal epidural experience. ... Since that first ...
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29 The influence of women's fear, attitudes and beliefs of ...
Most of the literature regarding childbirth fear has been focused on ... no more likely to have preference for either vaginal or caesarean ...
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30 Episiotomy vs tearing: Moms cut during childbirth ... - USA Today
It's a surgical cut made during childbirth that doctors have been officially warned for more than a decade does more harm to women than good ...
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31 Women in D.C. Face Obstacles at Every Step of Pregnancy ...
Morbidity is “any health condition attributed to and/or aggravated ... She still planned to have a vaginal birth despite pressure from the ...
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32 Is there such a thing as a 'normal birth' anymore? I don't think so
But now these words can have different meanings. More commonly, the term normal birth refers to any type of vaginal birth – regardless of ...
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33 Know your options for pain management in childbirth - Ohh Baby
Many women want to prepare for natural childbirth by relying on ... It does not numb any part of your body and doesn't reduce pain like a ...
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34 The Pain That Is Unlike All Other Pain - The Atlantic
And although the downsides of obstetric anesthesia have largely fallen away in the 175 years since its first use, the desire among some women to ...
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35 The dangerous cult of natural childbirth - UnHerd
I definitely think there is a culture of over medicalising births (even from midwives themselves). Everyone I know who has been induced has ...
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36 America is Failing its Black Mothers
By 2013, rates had more than doubled. The CDC now estimates that 700 to 900 new and expectant mothers die in the U.S. each year, and an additional 500,000 women ...
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37 Vaginal Birth After 3 Cesareans, Are You Nuts? - ImprovingBirth
VBAC is a deeply personal choice and its certainly not for everyone. Unfortunately for many, it's not even an option because so many providers don't even offer ...
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38 Handbook on Leave and Workplace Flexibilities for Childbirth ...
If the employee previously has used any portion of the 13 days of sick leave for general family care or bereavement purposes in a leave year, ...
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39 Ask a Midwife: The Spectrum of Pain Management Options
E: I think the best thing that we do as midwives is offer labor support. Midwives believe natural childbirth works. Our bodies were designed ...
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40 20 Things No One Tells You About Giving Birth - Cosmopolitan
If you get an epidural because you are sane (JK, I'm sure natural births are awesome but I will NEVER know), contractions may be the most ...
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41 Postpartum depression | Office on Women's Health
They may also worry they will be seen as bad mothers. Any woman can become depressed during pregnancy or after having a baby. It doesn't mean ...
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42 Sex after pregnancy | Tommy's
You will have some vaginal bleeding after birth, which will last for a few weeks. This will happen if you had a vaginal delivery or a caesarean section. It's ...
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43 I'm an OB/GYN who attended thousands of deliveries before ...
Each year approximately 20,000 Americans choose to give birth out of bed, which usually requires giving birth out of hospitals. According to the ...
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44 Twilight Sleep | The Embryo Project Encyclopedia
By the 1860s, women began requesting anesthesia during childbirth, but physicians at the time did not have much evidence on the benefits. As a ...
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45 Natural birth: How to have a baby without an epidural!
Do you want to have a baby WITHOUT an epidural? On June 25, 2015 I delivered Eloise Marie Hover without any medication and I thought it ...
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46 Why Natural Childbirth? - PMC - NCBI
Everyone trusts the process of birth and believes that she has the strength and the wisdom to give birth. In a very real sense, the pain of each contraction ...
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47 Natural Childbirth - 2156 Words -
Free Essay: Apparently everyone thinks we don't want to be involved with my side of the family anymore... I guess because I have been uncharacteristically.
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48 'Good Birth' Is Replacing 'Natural Birth' And We Love To See It
It isn't the '70s where doctors were pumping pregnant women full of diet pills anymore. People who are pregnant now have autonomy over ...
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49 Childbirth & Incontinence - Urogynecology & Pelvic Health
Because there is a risk of complications with forceps to mother or baby, they should probably not be used to deliver a baby unless there is a rapid drop in the ...
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50 "Natural Birth" advocates have me triggered : r/beyondthebump
I did prenatal yoga, spinning babies, breathing exercises, Hypnobirthing, ate super healthy, denied cervical checks, EVERYTHING that was supposedly supposed to ...
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51 “But who even has a vaginal delivery anymore? How barbaric.”
› thewanderinguterus › but-who-e...
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52 “Natural birth” vs. epidural: Pros and cons | HealthPartners Blog
It's also important to note that a natural birth may not be possible for everyone. If you have certain medical conditions or your pregnancy has been deemed ...
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53 What It Feels Like to Give Birth Without an Epidural
Whether you're planning a natural, unmedicated birth or simply curious about the ... No one will have the same birthing story or experience, ...
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54 What Happened to Natural Births? - Gwangju News
What if at some point in the future there are no more natural births? ... What started as a final backup plan for emergency situations has become a trendy ...
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55 Ep 25: Mia Advocates for Herself and Baby During Transport
She comes for a naturally minded family- some of her aunts had had ... that's what she would want to do with any subsequent children.
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56 Real Natural Birth Stories to Inspire Your Delivery
Over the course of the past 100 years the ability to deliver a healthy baby without risk of maternal death has improved dramatically. This ...
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57 Abortion bans skirt a medical reality: For many teens ...
Conservative states have high teen birth rates and little support — an ... reality: For many teens, childbirth is a dangerous undertaking.
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58 MTV: Reality TV Shows, Celebrity News, Pop Culture & Music ...
As the leading youth entertainment brand, mtv is the best place to watch the network's original series, see the latest music videos and stay up to date on ...
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59 12 Women Share What It's Like To Have A Natural Birth | SELF
Delivering without the help of any pain medication is like a badge of honor for some moms. Any woman who has been through drug-free labor ...
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60 Pregnancy due date calculator - Flo Health
This is based on an old study from 1990, and there haven't been any more recent studies to suggest it's accurate, which is why health care professionals don't ...
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61 Nick Cannon Welcomes Baby No. 11 With No. 12 on the Way!
Since starting his career in 1998, Nick Cannon has played many roles, ... I have documented my pregnancy, natural induction, labor, ...
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62 Get Birth Control Online with Free Delivery - Nurx
Request a prescription any time, day or night. No time away from work or life ... Founded in 2015, Nurx has provided care to more than 1 million + patients.
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63 Reasons Why Someone May Choose a Natural Childbirth
Natural childbirth is actually something that many women are open to considering, up to 60% of women who had had a medicated birth reported, ...
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64 postpartum outfits for hospital
So, be it a vaginal delivery or a c-section, comfortable underwear is a must. This was such an easy go-to outfit whenever we had guests coming to the house to ...
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65 Thyroid Disease - Radiology Info
If you are feeling fatigued, notice skin or hair changes, have hoarseness or ... Treatment will depend on the specific nature of your thyroid condition and ...
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66 how long do implantation symptoms last
Menstrual period ( LMP ), add 9 days is very early to Expect < > Vary widely from person person all you have any concerns about bleeding during pregnancy!, ...
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67 Childbirth: "We give women an image devalued of themselves",8669.html
Attention, I'm not against medicalization, and I do not advocate natural childbirth at all costs. It is obvious that women who need medical ...
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68 The Female Climax, Orgasm, and Pleasure | Everyday Health
It's time to clear up any mystery and confusion surrounding female ... Clitoral stimulation has been proved the surest route to orgasm.
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69 8 ways to prepare for natural birth: Easing labor pain without ...
About 73% of U.S. women who give birth use an epidural for pain relief. However, natural birth – choosing vaginal delivery without pain ...
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70 Robert Clary, last of the 'Hogan's Heroes' stars, dies at 96
Clary died Wednesday of natural causes at his home in the Los Angeles ... of war in the improbable 1960s sitcom “Hogan's Heroes,” has died.
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71 General Hospital Spoilers: Nikolas' Plan for His Baby
How will he keep from everyone finding out Esme had his child without permanently silencing her? Nikolas told Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) ...
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72 GH Spoilers: Britt Falls Ill And Cody Falls for Her
The last thing Britt wants is everyone doting on her or throwing pity her way. ... that prepares mothers to succeed at natural childbirth, ...
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73 Aegon IV Targaryen - A Wiki of Ice and Fire
Aegon IV is generally considered to be one of the worst kings in the history ... Supposedly, he had any woman he wanted, whether they were married or not.
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74 The Philosophy and Practice of Medicine and Bioethics: A ...
In most hospitals, vaginal birth for breech presentation is not even an option ... Nobody then is available who has the special experience to assist in more ...
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75 Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way: Revised Edition
How far dilated you are is not nearly as important as the emotional signpost ... is only four centimeters dilated and she says she can't do this anymore .
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76 Male Lust: Pleasure, Power, and Transformation
end of that time, my wife would do the confrontation and ask the ... I finally confessed that I had absolutely no desire left to have any more sex with a ...
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77 Husband-Coached Childbirth (Fifth Edition): The Bradley ...
The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Robert A. Bradley, MD ... The uterus has grown large enough so that it doesn't fit in the pelvic ring anymore and ...
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78 Counseling the Nursing Mother: A Lactation Consultant’s Guide
Steph is in her hospital room with her 2-day-old infant, Michael. ... You know, I planned to have a natural childbirth with Bob in the delivery room, ...
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79 Listen to Your Body: A Gynecologist Answers Women's Most ...
she left the hospital, Laura had decided to shop for another physician, someone who ... Statistics show that the powerful force of natural childbirth is ...
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80 Healthy Insurance - May 1989 - Page 53 - Google Books Result
OUT OF POCKET By John F. Wasik Healthy Insurance S THE COST OF STAYING HEALTHY SKYROCKETS, falling ill or having an accident requiring medical treatment has ...
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81 Finding Your Inner Mama: Women Reflect on the Challenges and ...
When it was determined that I could go ahead with natural childbirth, I was entirely immersed in ... There was nothing I could do but have this baby.
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82 'Yellowstone' Season 5 Two-Part Premiere Review: This Land ...
Climate change has been a major selling point for the ... God isn't making anymore land and he certainly isn't filling any more rivers.”.
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