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1 Mycobacterium marinum - CFSPH
Humans can get Mycobacterium marinum through direct contact with contaminated water sources. This can include fish aquarium water. Infection most commonly ...
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2 Fish Tank Granuloma
Fish tank granuloma is a rare skin infection caused by Mycobacterium marinum, a non-tuberculosis mycobacterium. The organism is found worldwide in stagnant ...
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3 Fish Tank Exposure and Cutaneous Infections Due to ...
Mycobacterium marinum is a slow-growing environmental mycobacterium that was first isolated from dead fish in a Philadelphia aquarium in 1926 [1] and was ...
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4 Mycobacterium Marinum Treatment, Symptoms & Antibiotics
Skin infections with Mycobacterium marinum in humans are relatively uncommon and are usually acquired from contact with contents of aquariums or fish. Most ...
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5 Mycobacterium marinum - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics
Mycobacterium marinum is a free-living mycobacterium that causes disease in fresh-water and saltwater fish and occasionally in humans. It is often called ...
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6 Cutaneous Mycobacterium Marinum Infection (Fish Tank ...
Fish tank granuloma and swimming pool granuloma are two forms of atypical mycobacterioses caused by Mycobacterium marinum. So far, only a few ...
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7 Mycobacteriosis: the Stealth Disease | Tropical Fish Hobbyist ...
In my opinion, mycobacteriosis in home aquariums like mine is not due to the normal NTM flora within the aquarium suddenly becoming pathogenic and preying on a ...
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8 Mycobacterium marinum: The Fish Disease You Could Catch ...
Mycobacterium marinum causes a chronic progressive fish disease found in freshwater, saltwater, and brackish environments. Weight loss, non-healing open ulcers, ...
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9 Mycobacterium Marinum - National Jewish Health
People can also be exposed by handling or cleaning fish tanks or fish, and swimming or working in fresh or salt water.
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10 Mycobacterium marinum infections (Fish tank granuloma)
Mycobacterium marinum is a slow growing atypical mycobacterium found in many fish and fish tanks worldwide; both fresh and salt water.
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11 Sixty-three Cases of Mycobacterium marinum Infection
First described as "swimming-pool granuloma,"M marinum skin infection is often acquired from aquarium maintenance and called "fish tank granuloma." The ...
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12 Tuberculosis in Aquarium Fish - The Spruce Pets
Mycobacterium spp. can infect mammals, birds, reptiles and fish. Some species will cause a localized infection, while others a full-body, ...
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13 Mycobacterium marinum Infection - Medscape Reference
In Africa, M marinum has been isolated from healthy human skin and soil. Individuals who fish or work with aquariums are at an increased risk of ...
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14 Mycobacterial Infections of Fish | The Fish Site
The first report of mycobacterium was in 1897, from a diseased marine aquarium fish. At that time, the organism was named M. piscium.
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15 Mycobacterial Infections of Fish
The first report of mycobacterium was in 1897, from a diseased marine aquarium fish. At that time, the organ- ism was named M. piscium. Although unproven, the.
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16 Mycobacteria in Fish aka Fish Tuberculosis
Mycobacteria is most commonly associated with tuberculous. It persists in almost all aquatic environments as a non-harmful environmental ...
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17 Serious infection from a fish tank | Worms & Germs Blog
Mycobacterium marinum infection is sometimes called "fish tank granuloma" in testament to its common association with fish tanks.
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18 Mycobacterium marinum - WikEM
Background. Atypical Mycobacterium species found in fresh or salt water (cold or warm); Bacteria that causes "fish tank Granuloma" ...
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19 Mycobacterium marinum infection: a case report - SciELO
The infection by Mycobacterium marinum in humans – also known as aquarium granuloma, swimming pool granuloma or fish tank granuloma [ 11 Slany M, Jezek J, ...
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20 Zoonotic Disease of Pet Fish: Fish Tank Granuloma
What is it?Mycobacterium marinum, more commonly known as fish tuberculosis or fish tank granuloma in humans, is a chronic progressive fish disease that ...
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21 Mycobacterial Infections from Exposure to Fish Tank Water
Lewis FM, et al. Fish tank exposure and cutaneous infections due to Mycobacterium marinum: tuberculin skin testing, treatment, and prevention.
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22 Mycobacterium marinum - Wikipedia
Infection is usually associated either with swimming or with keeping or working with fish (aquarium granuloma). Whole genome sequence of M. marinum (M strain) ...
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23 Mycobacteria in aquarium fish: results of a 3‐year survey ...
The vast majority of fish (79.4%, 85/107) were positive for mycobacteria. The identity and distribution of mycobacterial isolates according to ...
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24 Teenager May Lose Hand to Rare, Flesh-Eating Fish Tank ...
Mild skin infections with mycobacterium marinum are well-known among aquarium hobbyists, but the most famous disease risk among aquarium ...
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25 Mycobacterium Marinum - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim - YouTube
Dr. Ebraheim's educational animated video describes Mycobacterium Marinum infection.Follow me on twitter:!
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26 Atypical clinical and laboratory features of fish-tank granuloma
We report a case of cutaneous Mycobacterium marinum infection with the unusual reported features of pruritus and paresthesia. In addition, we report a lack ...
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27 Swimming pool granuloma - UF Health
It is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium marinum (M marinum).Alternative NamesAquarium granuloma; Fish tank granuloma; Mycobacterium ...
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28 Mycobacterium marinum - wikidoc
M. marinum sometimes causes a rare disease known as aquarium granuloma, which typically affects individuals who work with fish or keep home ...
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29 Mycobacterium marinum infection: a case report
The infection by Mycobacterium marinum in humans – also known as aquarium granuloma, swimming pool granuloma or fish tank granuloma [1] – is ...
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30 Fish Tank Granuloma Caused by Mycobacterium marinum
PDF | Mycobacterium marinum causes skin and soft tissue, bone and joint, and rare disseminated infections. In this study, we aimed to ...
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31 Mycobacterium marinum infection in an aquarium keeper
In humans, M marinum causes a skin infection known as fish tank granuloma or swimming pool granuloma affecting people who are exposed to aquatic environments ...
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32 Mycobacterium Marinum Article - StatPearls
In fact, M. marinum causes tuberculosis-like disease in fish and ... participating in aquatic sports, or cleaning a home fish aquarium.
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33 Mycobacterium marinum hand infection masquerading as ...
marinum infections are aquarium-relat- ed today, and therefore instead of swimming pool granuloma the terms aquarium granuloma and fish tank granuloma are now ...
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34 Fish Tank Granuloma - Fish Care
One cannot get “lung TB” (M. tuberculosis) from a fish infected with Mycobacteria. Mycobacterium marinum is responsible for most of the cases of ...
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35 Atypical Mycobacterial Infection Images - DermNet
View pictures of atypical mycobacterial infection in the gallery below. ... Acid fast bacilli on tissue microscopy form a fish tank granuloma.
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36 Mycobacterium marinum infection - VisualDx
Mycobacterium marinum, the causative agent of fish tank or swimming pool granuloma, is an atypical mycobacterial skin infection often ...
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37 Mycobacteriosis - The Free Freshwater and Saltwater ...
Other species known to cause mycobacterial disease in fish include ... Mycobacteria, granuloma disease, wasting disease, fish tank granuloma ...
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38 Mycobacterium marinum infection with sporotrichoid spread ...
Mycobacterium marinum infection with sporotrichoid spread from fish tank exposure · 1–3 Although lesions are initially solitary or multiple, a ...
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39 Fish Tank Exposure and Cutaneous Infections - jstor
exposure to fish tanks, 7 had sporotrichoid lesions, and 2 had deep infection. ... Mycobacterium marinum is a slow-growing environ-.
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40 Medical Definition of Mycobacterium marinum - RxList
In the US, most infections with this bacteria have been from contact with fish tanks. M. marinum infection is not spread from person to person.
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41 Mycobacterium marinum -
Mycobacterium marinum was first isolated from salt water fish in 1926 by JD ... cleaning hands after, cleaning a fish tank, and avoiding infected fish.
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42 Lesson of the Week - Fish tank granuloma - The BMJ
Mycobacterium marinum is an opportunist pathogen commonly found in aquatic environments. Infected ... tropical fish tank granuloma was diagnosed clinically,.
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43 Mycobacterium Marinum Skin Infection
On presentation to. Dermatology Unit, she was confirmed to have Fish Tank Granuloma (FTG) and ultimately treated with a course of oral Doxycycline and showed ...
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44 Causative Agents of Mycobacterial Diseases in Aquarium Fish ...
Some mycobacterial species that normally cause mycobacteriosis in ornamental fish are Mycobacterium marinum (M. marinum), Myco bacterium cheloni ...
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45 Osteomyelitis Infection of Mycobacterium marinum - Hindawi
1. Introduction. Mycobacterium marinum was first isolated in 1926 by Aronson from salt water fish carcasses in the Philadelphia aquarium [.
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46 Fish tank granuloma caused by Mycobacterium marinum in two ...
Mycobacterium marinum, the cause of chronic systemic infections in fish, occasionally causes granulomatous skin and soft tissue lesions in humans.
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47 Occurrence of Mycobacterium spp. in ornamental fish,114913,0,2.html
Mycobacteria infecting fish also include zoonotic pathogens. ... Nagashima G. Isolation of novel mycobacteria contaminating an aquarium fish tank in a ...
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48 Fish Tank Granuloma - UMD Health Center
Fish tank granuloma presents as a slow growing, inflamed red bump (nodule or ... A rare skin infection caused by Mycobacterium marinum, a non-tuberculosis.
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49 Fishtank Granuloma Treated with Combination of Minocycline ...
fishtank granuloma, minocycline, rifampicine. Abstract: Fishtank granuloma is atypical mycobacterium infection with Mycobacterium marinum as causative agent ...
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50 Difficulties in the diagnosis of fish tank granuloma: Case report,127064,0,2.html
Introduction: Fish tank granuloma is a rare dermatitis caused by Mycobacterium marinum . Infection occurs through contact of damaged skin with water or ...
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51 Diagnosis of Mycobacterium marinum Infection with ...
She owned a tropical fish tank, which she cleaned without any protection, and also owned 2 cats. There was no recent history of travel.
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52 10.4.1. Fish TB in Depth - Aquarium Science
This distinguishes this Mycobacterium from the Mycobacterium which causes human tuberculosis. Human tuberculosis does not multiply in the environment and is not ...
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53 Atypical Mycobacterium Marinum: A Case of Fish Tank ...
Subsequently, both cultures were negative for fungus and mycobacterium. The patient's husband owned an aquarium, and even though she denied any contact with it ...
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54 Mycobacteria occurrence in aquarium fish from Swedish ...
mycobacteria species known to cause infec- tions in aquarium fish include Mycobacterium marinum, M. chelonae and M. fortuitum(Gauthier,.
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55 Mycobacterium marinum infections in man
Mycobacterium marinum infections in man - Volume 94 Issue 2. ... Skin infection with Mycobacterium marinum from a tropical fish tank.
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56 Mycobacterium marinum -
Finally, in 1962 Swift and Cohen first reported 2 cases of M. marinum infection from a tropical fish tank; the term "fish tank granuloma" was then devised ...
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57 Mycobacterium marinum - Provet
Mycobacterium marinum can be transmitted from fish and marine animals directly or indirectly through water or contaminated equipment such as aquarium tanks ...
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58 Mycobacterium marinum - Culture; Molecular diagnosis (PCR).
In addition, indirect infections can occur when using utensils that have previously contacted fish tanks. In fish, Mycobacterium marinum infection causes a ...
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59 Nursing and public health aspects of Mycobacterium marinum
The first time that Mycobacterium marinum was isolated was in 1926 in saltwater fish that had died in an aquarium.
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60 Mycobacterium marinum causing tenosynovitis. 'Fish tank finger'.
Among the non-tuberculous mycobacterial pathogens, Mycobacterium marinum is the most common pathogen to cause skin infections. Mycobacterium ...
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61 Should you be worried about fish TB? - Practical Fishkeeping
That is to say, dealing with fish and fish tanks. ... While I'm making the point, one of the other Mycobacterium species, M. fortuitum, ...
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62 Mycobacterium marinum
Mycobacterium marinum is a bacterium most commonly found in fresh or ... Wear waterproof gloves when cleaning home aquariums or fish tanks.
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63 Namisha Thapa1, DO; Luke Strnad2,3, MD - OHSU
Understand the complexity of diagnosis and treatment of Mycobacterium marinum infection. “Aquarium granuloma”, “swimming pool granuloma”, or “fish-tank ...
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64 Periungual Mycobacterium marinum Infection following a Fish ...
Keywords: PsoriasisGarra rufaFish manicureFish pedicureFish spasMycobacteriosisInfectionAquarium granulomaSwimming pool granulomaFish tank granuloma ...
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65 Efficacy of Common Disinfectants Against Mycobacterium ...
The most commonly recommended chemicals for mycobacterial disinfection ... in aquaculture tanks or aquariums, or the ability of Mycobacterium organisms to ...
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66 Mycobacterium marinum M - BacMap
Background, Mycobacterium marinum, a ubiquitous pathogen of fish and amphibia, ... M. marinum infection of humans, called fish tank or aquarium tank ...
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67 Zoonoses Associated with Fish | Washington State University
Zoonoses Associated with Fish (Including Aquarium Fish) ... These include Mycobacterium, Erysipelothrix, Campylobacter, Aeromonas, Vibrio, Edwardsiella, ...
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68 Mycobacterium marinum infections in Denmark from 2004 to ...
Most infections with M. marinum are superficial skin infections characterized by granuloma and lymphangitis also known as “fish tank granuloma” ...
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69 Mycobacterium marinum infection following contact with reptiles
A 19-year-old man presented with a 1.5-cm nodule on the first dorsal metacarpal ray. The patient denied having contact with fish tanks or ...
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70 Mycobacterium marinum lymphocutaneous infection
maintaining an aquarium of tropical fish. Histological examination of the patient's skin biopsy was compatible with the diagnosis of mycobacterial.
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71 A case of mycobacteriosis associated with Mycobacterium ...
Mycobacterium pseudoshottsii in aquarium-reared fish. 5 in Japan. 6. 7. Takeshi KOMINE1)*, Hyogo IHARA1), Kentaro ONO1), Mitsumi YOSHIDA1),.
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72 Fish Tank Granuloma – a Case Report - Sciendo
Swimming-pool granuloma and fish tank granuloma refer to the infections caused by Mycobacterium marinum. After having been discovered in salt water fish in ...
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73 Cleaning Your Tank Can Make You Sick -
Cleaning your aquarium is a necessity in order to keep your fish healthy. ... bacteria Mycobacterium marinum can be found in home aquariums.
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74 Mycobacteriosis (Fish Tuberculosis) - microbewiki
Mycobacterium marinum was the first species of pathogenic fish ... 1926 from dying and dead saltwater fish in the Philadelphia aquarium [5].
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75 Granulomas of the Skin Due to Mycobacterium balnei after ...
Granulomas of the Skin Due to Mycobacterium balnei after Abrasions from a Fish Tank · Sheldon Swift, M.B., Ch.B., · and Harold Cohen, B.A..
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76 TB in Fish, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis; Bettas & more
This is a unique resource for answers, help, & advice to aquarium and ... Fish Tuberculosis is generally caused by Mycobacterium marinum, ...
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77 Mycobacteria-atypical - Pathology Outlines
... fish tank granuloma); Mycobacterium ulcerans is third most common mycobacterial disease in immunocompetent after tuberculosis and ...
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78 mycobacteriosis in fish - CABI
The incidence of mycobacteriosis in aquarium fish has been reported to vary from ... Skin infections with Mycobacterium maximum from a tropical fish tank.
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79 Mycobacterium iranicum infection in a patient with fish tank ...
Vanhooteghem O, Theate I. Fish pedicure-induced foot mycobacteriosis infection due to Mycobacterium marinum: a first case report. Eur J Dermatol ...
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80 Fish tank, who ha ha… - Microbiology Nuts & Bolts
Fish tank granuloma is a skin infection caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium marinum which can be found in fresh or salt water, including the ...
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81 Mycobacterium marinum hand infection masquerading ... - Gale
Abstract: Fish tank granuloma is a rare skin infection caused by Mycobacterium marinum. It occurs after exposure of skin abrasions ...
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82 Mycobacterium marinum Remains an Unrecognized Cause of ...
5 patients had a home aquarium, and infection was preceded by ... Mycobacterium marinum infection should be sus- ... Fish tank exposure and cutaneous.
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83 Fish Handler's Disease: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment ...
Fish-handler's disease; Fish handler's nodules; Fish tank granuloma ... genera of bacteria (Mycobacterium and Erysipelothrix) were the main causative ...
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84 Fish Tuberculosis - Aquatic Community
Euthanizing all the fish in the infected aquarium is also the best way of ... If you decide to try and treat your fish, keep in mind that Mycobacterium ...
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85 Cutaneous Mycobacterium Marinum Infection ... - Europe PMC
Atypical mycobacterioses are unusual infections of the skin and other organs caused by non-tuberculous mycobacteria. Fish tank granuloma and ...
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86 Seafood, aquarium cuts must be taken seriously: doctors
Mycobacterium marinum, while from the same genus as tuberculosis, ... who raise fish should wear gloves when cleaning their aquariums to ...
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87 Fish Tuberculosis - Detection, Treatment and Prevention
Tropical fish are prone to mycobacterium infections. ... Mycobacterial infections spread best in tanks that have a high water temperature.
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88 Disease - Swimming pool granuloma
Aquarium granuloma; Fish tank granuloma; Mycobacterium marinum infection. A swimming pool granuloma is a long-term (chronic) skin infection.
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89 Mycobacteriosis and Infections with Non-tuberculous ... - MDPI
The first report of Mycobacterium sp. in fish followed its isolation from ... S.; Novotny, L.; Pavlik, I. Mycobacterial infection in aquarium fish. Vet.
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90 Fish Tuberculosis: A TB As Deadly To Fish As To Humans
So maintaining correct quarantine protocols for all new plants and fish added to the aquarium is imperative to avoid catching the infection. Mycobacterium SPP ...
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91 DermNet - Mycobacterium marinum, also known as fish tank...
Mycobacterium marinum, also known as fish tank granuloma and swimming pool granuloma. It is an uncommon infection that occurs most often in people with...
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92 Worried, Should I throw my Tanks Out? Mycobacterium
I'm reading this is a type of mycobacterium and is difficult to get rid of in the aquarium. The fish was in a planted 10g with other fish.
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93 Mycobacterium marinum infections - The Hong Kong Practitioner
The commonest source of infection presently, however , is from a home aquarium and the disease is known as "Fish Tank Granuloma".
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94 Cutaneous Leishmaniasis or Fish tank granuloma?
Purpose: Mycobacterium marinum is a free living acid fast bacterium which classified as atypical mycobacterium and causes a cutaneous lymphatic disease ...
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95 Betta Tuberculosis: Everything You Need To Know
Keeping in mind that your fish tank may be harboring Mycobacterium Marinum, some factors may influence your betta to catch the disease.
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96 Fish Tank Granuloma - Reef2Reef
Even if it is not Mycobacterium Marinum it is definitly fish tank related. On a side note all of my fish are healthy which means this bacteria ...
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