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1 GSM - Wikipedia
The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe the ...
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2 GSM Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
What does the abbreviation GSM stand for? Meaning: global system for mobile communications.
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3 Definition of GSM - PCMag
(Global System for Mobile Communications) A digital cellular phone technology that started in Europe. The GSM Association (GSMA) defines the entire cellular ...
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4 What Is GSM? | IoT Glossary - EMnify
Quick definition: GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. It's a standard that specifies how 2G (second generation) cellular ...
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5 Best 8 Definitions of Gsm - YourDictionary
Gsm Definition · Grams per square metre, (unit for measuring the weight of paper) · (telecommunications) Global System for Mobile communications. · (electronics) ...
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6 GSM definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
GSM is a digital mobile telephone system. GSM is an abbreviation for `global system for mobile communication.' Their latest financial performance was a ...
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7 GSM | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
Meaning of GSM in English ... abbreviation for global system for mobile telecommunications: a technical system for cell phones used in many countries: The phone ...
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8 GSM (noun) definition and synonyms - Macmillan Dictionary
Definition of GSM (noun): system used in mobile phone communication.
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9 What is the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM)?
This definition explains the meaning of Global System for Mobile Communications and why it matters.
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10 Global system for mobile communications (GSM) Definition
Definition: A digital cellular or personal communication services (PCS) network. Source Publication: Cellular Mobile Pricing Structures and ...
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11 GSM Working, Architecture, Applications - Spiceworks
What Is GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications)? Meaning, Working, Architecture, and Applications. GSM is a set of mobile ...
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12 What is GSM? | What Does GSM Mean in Fabric? - Autofiber
What does GSM mean in fabric? GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter (g/m2). It is the weight of the fabric if you take a sheet of material ...
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13 GSM - Definition by AcronymFinder
90 definitions of GSM. Meaning of GSM. What does GSM stand for? GSM abbreviation. Define GSM at
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14 GSM Definition: 238 Samples | Law Insider
GSM definition · GSM means Global System for Mobile Communications. · GSM means the standard known as the Global System for Mobility used in portable telephony.
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15 GSM - Urban Dictionary
Global System for Mobile communications. The most common digital cellular system in the world. GSM is used all over Europe, plus many countries in the ...
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16 GSM definition [5G] (Phone Scoop)
GSM. Global System for Mobile Communication. GSM was the dominant 2G digital mobile phone standard for most of the world. It determines the way in which ...
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17 GSM - Wiktionary
(mobile telephony) Initialism of Global System for Mobile communications. NounEdit. GSM. (LGBT) Initialism of gender or sexual minority ...
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18 GSM Meaning - YouTube
Apr 12, 2015
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19 gsm noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes
Definition of gsm noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more.
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20 GSM definition - Axeda
GSM definition. GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) is a digital mobile telephony system. A circuit-switched technology, GSM uses a variation of ...
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21 GSM-SMS - The Free Dictionary
Define GSM-SMS. GSM-SMS synonyms, GSM-SMS pronunciation, GSM-SMS translation, English dictionary definition of GSM-SMS. n.
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22 Definition > GSM - Global System for Mobile communications.
Global System for Mobile communications. GSM is a European digital standard using several frequency bands, in particular 900 and 1800 MHz.
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23 Eligible Commodities - GSM-102 Program
Criteria for determining agricultural commodity/product eligibility under the GSM-102 Program: The commodity or product must meet the definition of...
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24 What are Phone Bands (GSM, CDMA) and Why Do They Matter?
The bands that support cellular service — CDMA or GSM — affect both ... Both CDMA and GSM are multiple-access technologies, meaning they ...
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25 GSM - Dictionary of English
GSM - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free. ... Forum discussions with the word(s) "GSM" in the title:.
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26 GSM - definition and meaning - Wordnik
GSM: An international telecommunications standard for the transmission of voice and data between cell phones and other mobile devices.
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27 GSM & CDMA: Definition & Differences -
GSM is an acronym for Global System for Mobile communications. It is the enabling technology used by AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States, as well as Europe ...
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28 Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM)
Definition. Global system for mobile communication (GSM) is a globally accepted standard for digital cellular communication. GSM is the name of a ...
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29 What is GSM | IGI Global
What is GSM? Definition of GSM: Global system for mobile.
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30 Quality of speech services in GSM-definition of a universal ...
Users of mobile communication networks tend to make higher demands upon quality of mobile communication services. Therefore it is important for GSM network ...
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31 GSM - Definition by AcronymAttic
246 definitions of GSM. Meaning of GSM. What does GSM stand for? GSM abbreviation. Define GSM at
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32 GSM - Longman Dictionary
GSM meaning, definition, what is GSM: Global System for Mobiles; a system that...: Learn more.
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33 What does GSM mean in a cell phone? | HowStuffWorks
The Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) is an international standard for mobile telecommunications. If you travel in Europe or any other parts of the ...
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34 GSM - Overview - Tutorialspoint
GSM is a circuit-switched system that divides each 200 kHz channel into eight 25 kHz time-slots. GSM operates on the mobile communication bands 900 MHz and 1800 ...
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35 What Is GSM in Cellular Networking? - Lifewire
A GSM carrier is a mobile network provider that uses the Global System for Mobile communications cellular technology. GSM carriers such as AT&T ...
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36 What Does GSM Mean? - Cyber Definitions
GSM means "Global System for Mobile Communications." "Cyber Speak" Test. You now know what GSM means, but are you good at Cyber Speak? Well, let's see!
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37 Glossary Definition for GSM - Maxim Integrated
Glossary Term: GSM. Definition: Global System for Mobile Communications: A land, mobile, pan-European, digital, cellular radio-communications system.
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38 Roaming - About Us - GSMA
GSM Roaming, which involves roaming between GSM networks, offers the mobile subscriber the convenience of being able to use a single number, a single bill ...
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39 What is the meaning of GSM in cell phones? - Quora
GSM stands for Global System for Mobile communications. It was invented here in Finland in 1991 as the second generation (2G) of digital cellular protocols.
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40 What is GSM? - Webopedia
GSM – Global System for Mobile Communications ... and researchers have kept Webopedia's definitions, articles, and study guides up to date.
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41 What is the definition of GSM when looking for specific fabric?
Fabric weight is in almost all cases is a definition of the thickness of the garment itself. If you want a heavy t-shirt then a 180-200 gsm ...
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42 What is GSM? - Tech Monitor
GSM, otherwise known as global system for mobile communications, is an open, digital cellular technology used for transmitting mobile voice ...
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43 What does GSM mean? | GSM Stands For - Microfiber Tech
Heavier GSM towels will absorb more liquid than lighter towels. Most general use microfiber is between 200-350 GSM. Towels with lower GSM, meaning they have ...
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44 What is GSM Module and GPRS Module? | Expert Class Notes
Wireless modems generate, transmit or decode data from a cellular network, in order to establish communication. A GSM/GPRS modem is a class of wireless modem, ...
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45 GSM : Définition simple et facile du dictionnaire - L'Internaute
Translate this page
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46 Translate "GSM" from French to English - Interglot Mobile
Definitions. A digital cellular phone technology (standard) first deployed in 1992. GSM uses narrowband TDMA, which allows eight simultaneous calls on the ...
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47 Radio subsystem link control (GSM 05.08) - ETSI
GSM. GSM 05.08. TECHNICAL. July 1996. SPECIFICATION. Version 5.1.0 ... Annex A (informative): Definition of a basic GSM or DCS 1800 handover and RF power ...
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48 GSM - Definition and synonyms of gsm in the English dictionary
«Gsm» GSM, is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute to describe protocols for second generation digital cellular ...
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49 GSM definition - ECSTUFF4U for Electronics Engineer
GSM stands for Global system for mobile is a world first cellular system to specify as especially digital modulation. It is a second generation system (2G) ...
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50 Definition of gsm | Is gsm a word in the scrabble dictionary?
Learn the definition of gsm. Is gsm in the scrabble dictionary? No, gsm cannot be played in scrabble.
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51 GSM synonyms with definition | Macmillan Thesaurus
Related terms for 'GSM': answering service, blue pages, the book, BT, call centre, call divert, caller ID, call waiting, chat line.
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52 Definition and Meaning of GSM - Business
Get GSM : Definition and Meaning. Check out What does GSM mean? along with list of similar terms on
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53 What is GSM and Why Does it Matter? - Artilect
GSM stands for grams per square metre, which refers to the weight of a fabric. ... Meaning something with more structure, for example, a suit will have a ...
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54 Que signifie GSM? - Definition IT de - LeMagIT
GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) est un système numérique de téléphonie mobile qui utilise l'accès multiple à répartition dans le temps.
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55 GSM in Wireless Communication - GeeksforGeeks
GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication. GSM is an open and digital cellular technology used for mobile communication.
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56 SIM - definition -
This allows for a seamless interchange of the same SIM card between different GSM mobile phones. SIM cards also serve as storage for SMS messages and the ...
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57 Printing Terms: What does GSM mean? Which ... -
This neat little article aims to explain the exact meaning of GSM. What does GSM mean and what does it mean for your printing?
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58 ETSI TS 102 610 V1.3.0 (2013-01) - European Railway Agency
GSM® and the GSM logo are Trade Marks registered and owned by the GSM Association. ... CHPC tag definition for collecting network device .
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59 Juliet High-Definition Cutter 12" - GSM Florida Group, Corp.
› juliet-high-definition-cut...
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60 Vaginal atrophy - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic
Genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) signs and symptoms may include: Vaginal dryness; Vaginal burning; Vaginal discharge; Genital itching ...
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61 multiple definition of vector problem GSM.h - Arduino Forum
I have a multiple definition of vector problem with my software with GSM.H. I am not using SoftwareSerial in my code since it is a Mega 2650 ...
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62 What is GSM - A Primer: 2G - Electronics Notes
GSM - Global System for Mobile Communications is a 2G mobile phone system that is still ... The overall system definition for GSM describes not only the air ...
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63 What Is A GSM Wine? - Locals Tasting Room
Pendleton Winery – GSM Rosé – Sonoma Co. Pendleton Rose is a GSM field blend made in the style of Provencal roses, meaning the variety of grapes ...
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64 What Is GSM Paper? Everything You Need to Know
The term “GSM” stands for “grams per square meter.” For this standard, the weight of various types of paper is measured from a sample sheet cut to one square ...
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65 What does GSM mean? -
The meaning of GSM is: Global System for Mobile Communications. Find more definitions for GSM on!
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66 What does GSM stand for? -
Looking for the definition of GSM? Find out what is the full meaning of GSM on! 'Global System for Mobile (communications)' is one option ...
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67 Definition GSM 2020/21, South Australia - Majestic Wine
Picture of Definition GSM 2020/21, South Australia ... To capture the Definition of the famous Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre blend, we went to two Masters of ...
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68 GSM vs CDMA Networks | US Mobile
This means that unlocked phones from other American GSM carriers will work on US Mobile's network. On the other hand, Verizon and Sprint are ...
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69 Overview of GSM: Philosophy and results | SpringerLink
A. Maloberti, Definition of the radio subsystem for the GSM pan-European digital mobile communication system,Proc. ICDMC, Venice, 1987.
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70 GSM translation in English | French-English dictionary | Reverso
GSM translation in French - English Reverso dictionary, see also 'G',GES',GMT',gym', examples, definition, conjugation.
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71 What does “gsm” stand for?
I'm looking for the meaning of “gsm”? The abbreviation gsm (French) means “global … Here's a list of examples and english translations for gsm.
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72 GSM - IBM
› docs › networkmanager › topic...
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73 What is GSM in Fabrics? - Know Your Linen - Gentelle
A common question asked by consumers, often when shopping for clothing or linen, is the meaning behind the GSM label in fabrics. GSM in fabric, also known ...
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74 Meaning of GSM - What is GSM? Definition of GSM in full.
GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications. GSM is a digital mobile network standard that is widely used by mobile phone users all over the world.
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75 Is My Phone GSM or CDMA? -
There are two main types of cell phones, GSM and CDMA, and you need to know which kind you have. We'll help you figure it out.
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76 The Recent Review of the Genitourinary Syndrome of ... - NCBI
The genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) is a new term that describes various menopausal symptoms and signs including not only genital symptoms ...
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77 Definition & Meaning GSM -
You can also add a definition of GSM yourself. 1. 0 0. GSM. Acronym for “Global System for Mobile Communications.” Popular standard for mobile phones and ...
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78 GSM Vs. CDMA: What Is the Difference and Which Is Better?
GSM vs. CDMA: The Basics. Most cell phone owners around the world only have to worry about a single carrier technology. It's called the Global ...
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79 GSM, What Does that Mean? -
GSM is one way to describe a paper and its weight. ... on the differences in GSM and paper types, as well as a few definitions that could be helpful.
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80 How to fast fabric weight,What's the meaning of "gsm"?
› pulse › how-fast-fabric-weigh...
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81 GSM - chemical component dictionary - EMBL-EBI
Dictionary of chemical components (ligands, small molecules and monomers) referred in PDB entries and maintained by the wwPDB.
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82 SmsMessage.MessageClass.Unknown Property
Gsm.SmsMessage.MessageClass.Unknown in the Android.Telephony.Gsm namespace. ... Definition. Namespace: Android.Telephony.Gsm. Assembly: Mono.Android.dll.
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83 Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Definition
Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Definition. ... GSM 3. The GSM Network 4. GSM Network Areas 5. GSM Specifications 6. GSM Subscriber Services ...
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84 What Is Paper Gsm? - Synonym - Classroom
1 Definition of gsm ... According to the University of Cambridge, gsm is “an abbreviation for 'grams per square meter,' a measure of density. It is often used to ...
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85 What does GSM mean? - Abbreviation Finder
All Definitions of GSM ; GSM, Global Support Message ; GSM, Global System Manager ; GSM, Global System for Mobile Communications ; GSM, Global Systems Mobile.
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86 Definition GSM,2020 - International Wine Challenge
Definition GSM, 2020. Medals. Tasting Notes. Produced by Alliance Wine Australia. Country South Australia, Australia. GrapeGrenache, Mataro, Shiraz.
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87 What's the difference between GSM and CDMA?
AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM wireless networks. Code-division multiple access (CDMA) is used mainly in the US. Verizon uses CDMA technology and is ...
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88 What is GSM-R? Logistics Terms and Definitions | Saloodo!
Looking for the meaning of GSM-R? Check it out in our extensive dictionary for Logistics & Transport! Here you will find a broad list of definitions.
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89 What does GSM stand for? - Acronyms and Slang
What does GSM mean? Get the full information of GSM acronym / abbreviation / slang definitions at Find out or define your GSM meaning ...
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90 GSM Paper - ITU
3G Mobile Licensing Policy: GSM Case Study is part of a series of ... which subsequently form the basic unit for the definition of logical channels.
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91 What is GSM? The Indicator Of Quality Towels - Vision Linens
A towel with a higher GSM measurement is thicker and plusher than one with a low GSM, meaning it can absorb more water due to the higher ...
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92 GSM/EDGE: Evolution and Performance - Google Books Result
0 Gb over IP: Definition of IP transport over the Gb interface between the BSCfi and ... GSM 750 band: Downlink 747-762 MHz and Uplink 777-792 MHz (GSM700).
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93 GSM definition - Wrap Your Baby
› what-is-gsm › whatisgsm
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94 CDMA vs GSM: What Is The Difference? - SimOptions
What exactly are the differences between CDMA & GSM? ... each device (CDMA is code-division meaning that the users are separated by a specific digital code.) ...
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95 What is the full meaning of GSM? -
GSM full meaning ... Global System for Mobile Communications or Groupe Special Mobile (GSM) is a technology standard created and developed in ...
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96 definition of network modes. GSM. WCDMA. and LTE.
definition of network modes. GSM. WCDMA. and LTE. setting up a new device how do i choose which of the three to use. Details.
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97 Difference Between Cellular Technologies: GSM, CDMA ...
For that reason, new cell phone technology, such as GSM, CDMA, UMTS, ... Each phone can only be used by one person at a time, meaning the ...
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