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1 35C5 stereo amp help. - Audiokarma
Hey all! I've been working with a 35C5 based stereo amp. It runs with a 12AX7A pre-amp and 2 35C5s for stereo output.
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2 35C5 RCA Beam Power Amplifier Tube (NOS/NIB)
35C5 Beam Power Amplifier Tube. Designed for use in the audio-frequency power output stage of radio receivers. MFR: RCA. SKU:35C5. New old stock.
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3 35C5.pdf - Frank's electron Tube Data sheets
35C5. Beam Power Tube. 0.15. Direct Interelectrode Capacitances (Approx.): a ... amp. Class A. 12. Any. 2-5/8". 2-3/8". 2" ± 3/32". 0.650" to 0.750".
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4 35C5 Miniature Beam Power Amplifier Tube
New old stock 7 pin miniature beam power amplifier. Various brands. NSN/FSN = 5960002285334.
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5 3-Tube Stereo Amplifier Without Transformer -
The required parts for this amp can be found in any AA5 tube radio, though the 35C5 tubes were most commonly found in the old 7-tube table top AM-FM sets.
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6 35C5 Audio Amp Power Output Radio Receiver Tube ...
35C5 Audio Amp Power Output Radio Receiver Tube (various) #VT-0790 ... Selling fast! Only 2 left. Nice choice! Enjoy free shipping to the US when you spend $35+ ...
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7 35C5.pdf - Frank's electron Tube Data sheets
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8 35C5 Audio Tubes - TheTubeStore
Order 35C5 vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier.
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9 Vintage Audio Amplifier (mixer) Archer StereoDyne 3 12AX7 ...
Nov 30, 2017
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10 35C5 Isolation Trasnformer - Old Westinghouse Amp
Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, 35C5 Isolation Trasnformer - Old ... I procured an old Westinghouse Amp with uses 35C5's as power tubes.
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11 Fen-tone Mark 10 Tube Stereo Amplifier Amp - WorthPoint
FEN-TONE MODEL MARK 10.STEREO Small Tube Amplifier 2x 35C5 // 35W4 //12AX7 (Raytheon ~ TUBES) GOOD PERFORMANCE This is an great looking mini tube amp MARK ...
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35C5 - RCA Brand - AUDIO GUITAR AMPLIFIER HAM RADIO TV tube -- set of (2) - £6.68. FOR SALE! A (2) piece matching set of audio - guitar - amplifier - HAM ...
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13 inho park(my audio) - Pinterest
Skyline sk-10 stereo inte-amp. 12AX7/ECC83 1개, 35C5 2개, 35W4 1개 모두 matsushida (RCA 50B5 = 35C5) *Potentiometer 2M Ohm(R.+L.) *Ton 250K Ohm -skyline otl ...
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14 35C5 |
Guitar Parts. Guitar Tube Amp Kits. Guitar Pedals. Guitar Pedal Kits. HiFi Tube Amps. HiFi Tube Amp Kits. HiFi Gear. Other Stuff. Save 10%. Your Account ...
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15 One EL84 vs. two 35C5's in push-pull - Antique Radios
Usually Lurking wrote: The LaFayette pp 35C5 amp will definitely sound better because of the Telefunken 12AX7. At least that's what they provided with mine. The ...
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16 Vintage Zenith 35C5 Mini 7 Pin Beam Power Tube Radio Valve
Vintage Zenith 6GJ5 Beam Power Amplifier Tube Valve- BangyBang Tubes ... Vintage Zenith 35C5 Mini 7 Pin Beam Power Tube Radio Valve - BangyBang Tubes image ...
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17 Vacuum Tube - 35C5, Tetrode, Beam Power
› products › vacuum-tu...
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18 Circuit for these tubes - Solid State Guitar Amp Forum
35C5 12BD6 12X4 12FX5 12BDK5 12BA7 Im looking for a preamp but if any of these can be used as a power tube i need one of those too.
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19 35C5.pdf
The 35C5 is a miniature beam pentode primarily designed for use in the ... 35C5. ET-T524B. Page 1. 4-57. BASING DIAGRAM ... CLASS A₁ AMPLIFIER.
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20 Know anything about old radio tubes? -
GE: 35C5-rectifier for Danelectro/Silvertone 3 tube amps. GE: 6AU6-preamp for some Gibson guitar amps. GE: 12BH7-hi-fi preamps. Raytheon: 6BC5-?
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21 Two quick questions on 35W4 - diyAudio
I'm rebuilding a cheap series-string heated stereo tube amp. Line up is 35W4, 12AX7, and two 35C5 tubes. I've been experimenting and I am ...
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22 35C5 Tube ( UT ) - World Tube Company
› merchant › Prod...
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23 Starting amp build: 1.5W | Telecaster Guitar Forum
I intend to chronicle my 1.5W practice amp build. It will have a 35c5 power tube, 12au6 preamp, volume and tone knobs and a solid state ...
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24 6 Vintage General Electric 35C5 Mini 7 Pin Beam Power ...
6 Vintage General Electric 35C5 Mini 7 Pin Beam Power Tube Radio Valve - BangyBang ... Vintage Audio Equipment; Guitar Amplifier Tubes; Hifi Audio Tubes ...
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25 "Spunky" Tube Amplifier - How It Works - radan
The plates of the 35C5 output tubes connect to opposite ends of a center-tapped output transformer. The secondary winding feeds the 8-ohm speaker. A tap is also ...
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26 Build a 3 -Tube 2 -Way Stereo Amplifier - World Radio History
52 Two -Way Stereo Amplifier Uses Only Three Tubes -Edwin Bohr ... 35C5 .75 5638. 3C24. 3,311 6C000 2 2 , 351.6. -53 5637.
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27 50 yr Old 3 tube amplifier circuit?
The veritable 12AX7 was the work horse dual triode pre-amp/mixer/driver of choice in the 1950-60s. Also classic beam pentode 35C5 finals.
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28 RCA Application Notes - One Electron
RCA 1933 AN-5 Application of the 79 Tube - A push-pull class B amplifier for ... From the Dowd-RCA archives for the 35C5: "If the 35B5 is inserted in the ...
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29 5 Vintage RCA 35C5 Mini 7 Pin Beam Power Tube Radio Valve
Brand RCA Model 35C5 Type Beam Power Tube Use Radio/TV Reception ... 2 Philco 6LR6 12 Pin Compactron Beam Power Amplifier Tube- BangyBang Tubes $260.00.
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30 If "Tube Sound" Is a Myth, Why Tubes? | Page 57
But I was talking in the context of tube amplifiers, so the tube part of it is ... a high perveance pentode like 50L6, 35C5 and the like.
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31 Rare tube question -
35c5 is about all I got over here. ... Even if there were only two amps that used that tube, ... Vintage Kay Model 752 Tube Amp | Reverb ...
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32 Heathkit Record Player - Vintage Radio Info
35W4 Rectifier. UZZE. 12AX7 Voltage Amplifier and Phase Splitter. 2 35C5 Push-Pull Power Amplifiers. 1.
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33 35A5 substitute? - - narkive
and use a 35B5 or 35C5. ... Low heater voltage is a trick used by tube amp audiophiles to improve the linearity of small (signal level, not
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34 Mystery Capacitor Markings: Old "King" Electorlytics
This is a Monarch SA-10 Stereo Amplifier, not much bigger than a paperback book. One 12AX7, two 35C5 power tubes running as two single-ended ...
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35 Stereophonic High-Fidelity R-Player Mitchell Mfg. Co.,
Amp+LS. Power type and voltage; Alternating Current supply (AC) / 117 Volt ... record changer and has an amplifier with four tubes (12AX7 35C5 35C5 35W4) ...
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36 Restoring a Vintage Zenith Table Top AM/FM Receiver from ...
There's just something about a vintage Fender guitar amp or a McIntosh tube-type ... automatic volume control, and amplifier; 35C5 1.5 watt output amplifier.
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37 Tube Cross Reference - Nostalgia Air
1, Half-Wave Rectifier. 01A, Triode Detector - Amplifier ... 1A4T, Remote Cutoff Tetrode. 1A5G, Pentode Power Amplifier ... 35C5, Beam Power Amplifier.
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38 Differential and Synergistic Actions of Nerve Growth Factor ...
and Cyclic AMP in PC12 Cells. ABSTRACT. When a clonal line of rat pheochromocytoma (PC12) was exposed to ,8-nerve growth factor (,8NGF), N.
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39 Stereophonic Record Players - Pacific T.V.
The amplifier has four tubes and a selenium rectifier; it is ... 35C5. 6. 44V. 7. R18. 15 ww. IW. V 2. 12AU6. RIGHT CHAN. AUDIO AMP.
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40 1960's Goodbye Vacuum Tubes and the End of "Made in USA".
Zenith L615W (1965) the "Chairman": High Sensitivity AM Radio. Features tuned RF amplifier stage. Six tube transformerless using 2-12BA6, 12BE6, 12AV6, 35C5 and ...
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41 35c5-beam-power-tube-specs-b by TheAxeman - SlickPic
Late 60's Alamo Dart Amplifier. Dec 17, 2015; 15 Photos. Share Album. Justified View · Flow View · Square View.
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42 Isolation Transformer Upgrade for Old Guitar Amps
› Circuits › Electronics
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43 Nate Wagner | Profile - Pettyjohn Electronics
Our engineering focuses on analog signal processing with discrete op-amps, high-voltage power pumps, and custom mods, with all stages using top-shelf ...
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44 List of vacuum tubes - Wikipedia
... 35C5 – Identical to 35B5 except for basing ("pin-out") arrangement (HL92); 35HB8 – Triode/Beam Power tube (Used primarily as both the audio amplifier ...
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45 Arkay Audio Kit Catalog Circa 1958 - Steam Powered Radio
12AX7 input amplifier and phase inverter• (2) 35C5 push pull pentode power amplifier • 35W4 rectifier. Prices West of the Mississippi. 5% higher.
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46 Tubes Asylum
amplifier (integrated?): V6 and V7: AUDIO AMPL., R & L, respectively. V8: 12AU7, PHASE CONV. (what's that?), R & L V9 and V10: 35C5, OUTPUT, ...
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47 Electric Current::Amp - Margaret Ann Withers
Electric::Current::Amp. The tiny houses and telephone poles in these paintings are often hidden in a chaotic landscape, where it seems that some cosmic ...
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48 Revere S16
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49 • View topic - Tube replacements
I have recently purchased a Palace SA-80s tube amp. It's an older model from the 60's ...
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50 GE Essential Characteristics -
PENTODE POWER AMPLIFIERS. 6AQ7-GT. 6AT6. 6CN7. 6Q7. 7K7. 6AV6. 6SQ7. 7B6. 7X7. 75. 6AK6. $5 B5. Heater Current in Milliamperes. 300. 150. 35C5.
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51 FAQ:Other Things
I heard my amp can kill me because it doesn't have a power transformer! ... presence of certain tubes (50C5 ,50L6, 35C5 and 35L6 are typical output tubes, ...
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52 Korean made three single Alnico Alnico electric guitar pickup ...
Cheap Operational Amplifier Chips, Buy Quality Consumer Electronics Directly from China Suppliers:Korean made three single Alnico Alnico electric guitar ...
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53 All Products : Piexx Company, Computers & Electronics
The 408A Pentode Amplifier Filament 20V @ 50 mA Plate Diss 1.7 watts Plate Volts 120 VDC ... Similar to a 35C5, with a 6.3V filament.
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54 Monarch SA-10 Amplifier - Flickr
Stereo transformerless design. 12AX7, 35W4, and two 35C5 tubes. Unsafe by modern standards, this is a 'hot chassis' design.
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55 Rca tube amplifier mi -
Showing 32 results for rca tube amplifier mi from eBay, Etsy and other sellers. ... Vintage custom rca mi-9377a stereo tube amplifier / kt88 / kt
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56 what is the difference between the MRV-V500 and t - Best Buy
The V500 is a 5 channel amp that can be used for your interior and a sub. The M500 is a mono sub amp. Hope thats helps.
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57 Popular Radio Sets with Plastic Cabinet in 1960's
Tubes: 12BE6-12BA6-12AV6-35C5-35W4, BC and SW, 10cm Speaker ... Stereo sets and hi-fi stereo amplifiers often have two sets of AM tuners, but small radio ...
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58 An Oscillator Reader II - Page 6 - Google Books Result
... an RF amplifier, 12AT7 converter and oscillator, 12BA6 for IF amplifiers, ... as the high gain triode audio amplifier feeding a 35C5 power amplifier.
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59 Why LSU says traffic after Mississippi State game will be better ...
› news › weather_traffic › a...
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60 Any Problem with using Mains AC on the Heaters?
I've got a bunch of old radio tubes floating around, 35L6, 35C5, etc... all designed to run their heaters in series off of 120VAC, ...
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61 Identifying old tube amp - possibly console? - Polk Audio Forum
I got this old tube amp from a HS electronics teacher. I'm trying to figure out what it came from and ... It uses 35C5's and12AU6's though.
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62 power switch on the volume control | Forum for Electronics
But I couldn't get a hold of 35C5 tubes, whereas the 50C5 were ... for an amplifier with direct mains supply and series connected heaters.
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63 Looking for 50C5 PP Amplifier for Guitar - DIY Audio Projects
Hi! I would like to offer a tube guitar amplifier for a good old friend of mine for his birthday. I have many 50C5, 35C5, 30A5 tubes lying ...
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64 Vacuum Tubes - Film-Tech Forum ARCHIVE
I like the Groove Tube brand 6L6GC power tubes and 12AX7 pre-amp tubes in my ... smooth-plate 12AX7, 2 Fujitsu 35C5's, RCA 35W4 rectifier.
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65 Wednesday, December 28, 2011 - machine log
To sum it up: Hot chassis film projector amplifier. ... left to right: 12AU6, 12AX7, 35C5 and between the two sockets at the right 35C5.
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66 Lexani Wraith 24x10 +35 663-2410-73-35C5 - Custom Offsets
Shop Lexani Wraith 24x10 Chrome Wheels at Custom Offsets. One Piece Alloy 10 spoke rims in a Chrome finish. Part Number: 663-2410-73-35C5.
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67 Rolls RA235 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier, 35W Per Channel, 1 ...
Buy the Rolls RA235, 2-Channel Stereo Amplifier, 35W per Channel, 1 Rack Unit at Full Compass Systems. 0% Financing and Free Shipping on thousands of items!
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68 35C5 Datasheet(PDF) - List of Unclassifed Manufacturers
7-PIN NINIATURE TYPE, 35C5 Datasheet, 35C5 circuit, 35C5 data sheet : ETC1, alldatasheet, Datasheet, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and ...
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69 60 Watt Into 8 Ohms Power Amplifier - Elliott Sound Products
ESP Project Pages - 60 Watt Hi-Fi Power Amp. Although supassed by P3A, this is still a good amplifier, and is still in use in many locations.
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70 Looking for a 'typical' solid state 1960's stereo amp schematic ...
› ... › Technical Repair
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71 Military Standard - Issues 200-218 - Page 105 - Google Books Result
Tube Type 35A5 35A5LT 35B5 35C3 35C5 35CD6GA 35D5 35L6G 35L6GT 35L6GT / G 35R ... lock - in type pentode amplifier Obsolete Miniature beam power amplifier ...
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72 Vacuum Tube and Guitar and Bass Amplifier Servicing
An AC outlet with the wrong polarity can make an amplifier lethal when it is ... of tubes like 25L6 , 25C5 , 35W4 , 35C5 , 50C5 , 3524 , 35L6 , or 50L6 .
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73 The New Radio Receiver Building Handbook
The detector of Figure 5-19 can directly drive the power amplifier of Figure 5-20 ... A tube such as a 50C5 or 35C5 can produce an output of Figure 5-21: A ...
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74 Never a perfect tube amplifier until now! - Talkin' Tubes
I disagree, in fact if anything sounds warm, it's solid state amplifiers. Why? Because the vast majority of SS amps sound rolled off and muffled ...
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75 J&M Stage-5 ROKKER® XXRP 800w 4-CH DSP ...
J&M Stage-5 ROKKER® XXRP 800w 4-CH DSP Programmable Amplifier Kit for 2015-2022 Harley® CVO RoadGlide Ultra- This is the new J&M STAGE-5 ROKKER&re.
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