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1 What You Should Know About Aftermarket Headlights ...
What are aftermarket headlights? ... Aftermarket describes any product that isn't an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) but works with it. An ...
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2 What's The Difference Between OEM GM And Aftermarket ...
It's a big reason why aftermarket headlights are a lot cheaper than OEM components. If you're driving with a set of cheap aftermarket headlights, expect to run ...
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3 Headlights: Genuine vs. OEM vs. Aftermarket - Eurowagens
To decide between Genuine or OEM, the only difference is how you feel about it not having the manufacturer's logo branded on it. Some people like everything to ...
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4 OEM vs. Aftermarket Headlights for Your Car - Vehicleaid
Aftermarket means a product that isn't from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) but works in place of it. Aftermarket headlights are made ...
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5 after market headlight vs oem? NEED URGENT ADVICE
Thats what I was thinking. If all things are the same(light output/cut off/clarity/durability) I would go with the aftermarket. I honestly would ...
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6 OEM vs. Aftermarket Headlights: Talk Me in or Out of Them?
Unless you are willing to spend upwards of $600 for a custom retrofit set, stick with OEM. The OEM headlights provide the best light output and ...
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7 3 Reasons To Get Mazda OEM Headlights Instead Of ...
Mazda ensures that all of its parts, including its headlights, are built with the highest quality materials. Aftermarket headlights are typically built with ...
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8 Piston Slap: A Stern Talkin' To About OEM Headlamps?
All of the aftermarket off-brand items (TYC, Depo, Anzo, DJAuto, Eagle Eye, Helix, Sonar, etc) are junk, whether they're OE-lookalikes or ...
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9 Valeo and Hella Headlights – OEM vs. Aftermarket
The next best thing is the OEM headlights. These are often the same as genuine ones, minus the imprinted logo and the warranty. However, you're ...
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10 Aftermarket vs OEM headlight assembly - AcuraZine
Please stay away from aftermarket headlights fitment is ok but they build up condensation real easily and quality isn't as good especially the ...
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11 Automotive - Cloudy Aftermarket vs New OEM Headlamps
This fall I replaced the heavily oxidized aftermarket headlamps in my grand prix with a brand new set of OEM lamps.
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12 Is There A Preferred Aftermarket Bulb VS The OEM Bulbs?
Is There A Preferred Aftermarket Bulb VS The OEM Bulb? · Instant on performance · Brighter than OEM · Simple Plug and Play installation (If you buy from a high ...
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13 Should I Buy Aftermarket Headlights? - Collision 24
However, many people choose aftermarket headlights because they aren't satisfied with the brightness of their current set. Headlights on older or pre-owned ...
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14 Best Aftermarket Headlights - Car Talk
When chosen and installed properly, aftermarket headlights can be much brighter than OEM headlights and can allow the owner to change the ...
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15 Headlights OEM vs Aftermarket | Honda Odyssey Forum
If you're so worried about night-time driving safety, you buy the best BULBS you can buy. Headlight housings from Rockauto will do just fine.
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OEM Vs. Aftermarket Headlights ... Headlights are available as aftermarket or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. The car's manufacturer makes and ...
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17 Aftermarket vs. OEM lights | Bob Is The Oil Guy
They are also reboxed by ACDelco. ... Most aftermarket bulbs are designed to be brighter, while American OEM's place a heavy priority on long bulb ...
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18 What is the difference between aftermarket and OEM ... - Quora
The OEM parts are made to the specifications of the manufacturer - Some aftermarkets will “fit” or will “do”; however they can be made within a range of ...
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19 Are Aftermarket Headlights Better than OEM?
The main reason is price. There are so many great headlight options that are 3-4 times less expensive than the factory headlight assemblies. If you are looking ...
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20 Aftermarket or OEM Headlights? - S2KI Honda S2000 Forums
I'd stick Oem or if buying aftermarket definitely open them up and swap in the Oem projectors. The aftermarket ones are crap in comparison.
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21 Oem vs aftermarket headlights 19 redsport - Infiniti Q50 Forum
there are loop holes.. if fitment is off and you b*tch well enough, they'll get OEM. if the LKQ + mark up is more than OEM, they'll use OEM.
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22 OEM headlights vs aftermarket | Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum
This give insane light and a good beam. But DO NOT put HID's in a stock OEM headlight. Not only does the light get thrown everywhere, like HID's ...
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23 OEM vs Aftermarket headlights | Tacoma World
Got a 2012 Tacoma with 1 leaky headlight I have been wrestling with for a year. think Im gonna replace it ... OEM vs Aftermarket headlights.
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24 Aftermarket vs. OEM Headlight - Toyota 4Runner Forum
I had the aftermarket headlights for all of 5 minutes before I had to un-install them. Light was spraying everywhere, really hazardous. I thought they might be ...
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25 LED Headlights OEM or any better aftermarket
I have seen some deals lately for OEM LEDs around $400, especially if you aren't dead set on the black housing pro version. I have the "smoked ...
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26 05 headlights oem vs aftermarket -
Not saying the aftermarket headlights are bad, it's just that the OEM ones are better. And to my knowledge - they were the same bulbs. I've got ...
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27 Help! Oem vs aftermarket headlights | Lexus IS Forum
I currently have stock oem headlights on my car. Theyre auto leveling. I wanted black housing headlights. So.... Should i sell mine and get aftermarket ...
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28 OEM vs Aftermarket Headlights on a 2017 - Ford F150 Forum
Aftermarket tends to use cheaper materials, and less of them (thinner parts) than oem. The vehicle mfg needs the headlamps to last longer than ...
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29 OEM vs. Aftermarket Headlight Assembly - Honda-Tech
Honda Civic / Del Sol (1992 - 2000) - OEM vs. Aftermarket Headlight Assembly - 98 Civic DX - After picking up some replacement headlight assemblys that were ...
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30 Aftermarket vs. Genuine Honda Headlights
Oem quailty. All certifications. You wont be able to tell the difference. Your wallet will.
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31 Want projector headlights..Aftermarket vs OEM?
I've replaced lights, trim pieces, etc over the years on older vehicles, and the aftermarket stuff is never quite as good as OEM. The OEM stuff ...
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32 OEM Headlight lens vs aftermarket Ebay
Replacement aftermarket headlights can be had for about $80 on Amazon. The most common problem with the aftermarket is they can get moisture in ...
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33 OEM Headlight bulbs vs. Aftermarket super-whites.
Scion xB 1st-Gen Aero & Exterior - OEM Headlight bulbs vs. Aftermarket super-whites. - I know a lot of people, myself included, ...
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34 Aftermarket xenon headlights VS OEM xenon headlights for ...
Aftermarket is cheap and doesn't last any where near as long. The quality tends to suck pony up the extra cash and go with OEM if you can its ...
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35 Aftermarket vs OEM Headlight & Marker Housings - 355Nation
Yeah I use TYC brand like Alex said., from Rockauto . about 130-140$ can net you both headlights and DRLs to your door w/ 5% discount.. Its kind ...
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36 used OEM headlight VS new aftermarket ... - ClubLexus
LS - 4th Gen (2007-2017) - used OEM headlight VS new aftermarket headlight for 2011 Lexus Ls460 - My car, 2011 Ls 460 sports, was involved ...
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37 How do we stop people from blinding other drivers with ...
But stuffing aftermarket LED headlight bulbs into OEM housings designed for conventional halogen units results in dangerous glare for ...
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38 OEM or Aftermarket Headlights?! - Jeep Gladiator Forum
Re Mopar LED headlight, it is not as plug n' play as some of the aftermarket headlights. A search of this forum and the Wrangler JL forum ...
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39 5 Best Aftermarket Headlight Assembly Manufacturers
Aftermarket headlight assemblies are a cost-effective alternative to OE parts. This is the most effective option for enhancing the performance and adding ...
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40 Aftermarket Headlights Comparable to OEM?
LMR has both left & right Ford OEM headlights for $389 or they have their "SVE" brand aftermarket lights for $129, and i know AM has some ...
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41 Replacing 2001 Headlights - OEM or aftermarket?
Re: Replacing 2001 Headlights - OEM or aftermarket? ive tried both oem and aftermarket and the aftermarket seems to have a brighter beam that goes farther and ...
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42 OEM LED vs Aftermarket HID? -
The OEM LED headlamps offer premium looks and decent performance but at a high price point. And apparently they still give off glare so that ...
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43 Replacing Headlight Assembly - Toyota Yaris Forums
IMO, it is not worth saving $50 for aftermarket. I've not seen many aftermarket lights that did not have figment issues. $180 for a pair of OEM ...
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44 TYC Aftermarket OEM Replacement instead of Genuine ...
Has anyone used an OEM aftermarket LED replacement headlight ... I've been side by side my HID vs a black edition LED and it was a no ...
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45 OEM vs Aftermarket: TYC Taillights - Hooniverse
The body shop replaced with aftermarket unit. Despite using the same bulbs, the light from the OEM headlight was significantly better.
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46 NNBS OEM headlights vs Aftermarket black housing
So I'm debating on putting my black housing aftermarket headlights back in once spring comes and I'd like you ... OEM Headlight Housings.
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47 OEM vs. Aftermarket Ecode Headlights - Audizine Forums
If it's an aftermarket part made by the OEM supplier it has been sold as such under the supplier's own branding. Case in point, ECS sells these ...
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48 Retrofit OEM or aftermarket headlights - Ford Focus ST Forum
Oem headlights will have the best fit over an aftermarket housing. Though the factory housings are permaseal (much more difficult than ...
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49 What is the Difference Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts?
OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means the parts are made by the same company that makes the vehicle. Meanwhile, ...
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50 LED Package vs Aftermarket LED Headlights
No aftermarket system, as it is installed, will have a lower failure rate than the OEM lights. Most of the aftermarket lights that have added ...
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51 Are Aftermarket Headlights Road Legal? | PowerBulbs US
Aftermarket headlights are often brighter and more stylish than the standard headlights your car is equipped with. They can even be purchased in ...
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52 HID Retrofit vs Aftermarket headlights | 9th Gen Civic Forum
I've read some posts from 8thgencivic and some articles saying that the OEM HID retrofit is superior to aftermarket headlights because ...
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53 What does OEM HID Mean? - Better Automotive Lighting
There is no substitute for quality, everyone knows this. The wealth of aftermarket headlights out there markets their ability to out-perform the OEM parts.
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54 Halogen vs LED Headlights - What's Better? - Autolist
When it comes to halogen vs LED headlights, LEDs tend to outclass halogen, ... equipped with OEM halogen headlights, then the aftermarket ...
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55 [NB] Aftermarket vs. Stock Headlamps?? - MX-5 Miata Forum
I have Depot head and tail lights on my F150 that are 8 years old and still working better than OEM. The headlights in my F150 and Miata both ...
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56 Aftermarket Versus OEM Car Parts: Is the Extra Cost Worth It?
An aftermarket part is any part for a vehicle that is not sourced from the car's maker. If the parts are direct replacement parts, they will not ...
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57 The OEM vs. Aftermarket Xenon Debate - BMW 3-Series (E90 ...
1. Eff this, toss my headlamps up in the classified section for someone with a 2007+ to buy, and go back to my halogen lamps. 2. I had one ...
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58 Aftermarket Headlights | Honda CR-V Owners Club Forums
It's obviously not being done correctly. Also, there no aftermarket replacement units out there anywhere that even remotely equal the OEM units ...
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59 OEM style aftermarket headlights | Honda Prelude Forum
DEPO brand OEM spec lamps are decent. The lenses are close to OEM quality but the reflectors and adjusters aren't as good. The housings are ...
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60 Headlights. Aftermarket or OEM? - Honda CBR 600RR Forum
Always OEM if you have the cash. Some after market Kits look good and fit but they are based off the OEM. So the clone will never be as good as ...
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61 The Truth About Dealership vs. Aftermarket Parts
If you know what to look for, aftermarket parts can be superior, and sometimes cheaper then OEM parts. Perfect example is the Ford Mustang ...
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62 RETRO DILEMMA: send OEM or Aftermarket headlights?
My opinion is, for a $600+ labor & $300+ parts retro surely use the OEM, as you probably want it stay in good condition for a long long time. If ...
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63 Genuine BMW vs. OEM vs. Aftermarket - Bimmerzone
Genuine BMW vs. OEM vs. Aftermarket · Genuine BMW. Genuine BMW are parts obtained directly from the BMW network. Therefore these are the parts that you would ...
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64 OEM LED Headlamp and Rear Light Units: Explained
OEM (Original Equipment) LED headlight units and tail light units come direct from the factory and are fitted at time of vehicle purchase, or as a factory ...
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65 Do aftermarket headlights get rid of SRH? - IW STi Forum
If someone were to come up with a set that included it, you'd be paying for OEM Subaru headlight motors, as aftermarket units would likely fail ...
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66 OE vs. OEM vs. Aftermarket: Which Auto Lights Should You Buy?
Mar 17, 2021 —
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67 DEPO HEADLIGHTS? Any recs on aftermarket ... - Reddit
DEPO HEADLIGHTS? Any recs on aftermarket headlights.. oem are $$$ and I want black housing anyways. Does anyone have experience with depo ...
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68 Taco Tuesday: 6 3rd Gen Tacoma Aftermarket Headlight ...
Increased lighting performance is a huge benefit when upgrading your OEM headlights to an aftermarket offering. The stock halogen bulbs are good ...
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69 Factory headlights vs aftermarket? - Jeep Wrangler Forum
I installed mine 2 years ago, headlights, taillights, and fog lights. ... I would not spend the money to upgrade the OEM LED's if it were me ...
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70 The Best Headlight Brands: Reliable Replacements for Your Car
Aftermarket replacement headlights are as durable as their OE counterparts but they are more affordable, which means you can get the same ...
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71 Shine a Little Light On: U.S. Headlight Standards to Get Major ...
Aftermarket LED Lights ... Yes, LED replacements are available via the aftermarket. Installing them is technically modifying your headlights and ...
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72 OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts - CARFAX
Unlike aftermarket car parts, OEM car parts typically don't vary in quality. Whereas aftermarket car parts are offered by many different ...
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73 Buyer's Guide: 4 Best Aftermarket Car Headlights for ...
New OEM headlamp assemblies can increase the resale value of a vehicle, explains Reina. Replacing of a set of milky-looking headlamps can ...
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74 Top Efficient aftermarket headlights For Safe Driving
Aftermarket OEM car headlight for BMW series 5 E60 headlamp light with hid ... Black Housing Aftermarket Headlamp Headlight For Starlet Glanza V EP91 1996 ...
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75 Are the aftermarket headlights on Amazon and Ebay any good?
Most of the aftermarket lights are not upgrades at all rather the opposite. When they speak of the glass lens they are talking about the ...
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76 Headlamp Lens Deterioration | AAA
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) replacement headlamp assembly ... OEM vs. aftermarket headlamp assemblies vs. headlamp restoration options.
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77 Aftermarket headlights - MyG37
AFAIK there's no aftermarket headlight units, just bulbs and lenses. And in the case of the lenses they're better than the oem fresnal lens.
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78 Headlight Assembly - OEM & Aftermarket Replacement Parts
Headlight Assemblys are in-stock and available for all makes. Get a great deal on a quality Headlight Assembly.
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79 Aftermarket headlights? white LED? - BMW M3 Forum (E90 E92)
I have some new news in regards to headlights. How many people would be interested in replacement headlights (BMW OEM headlights) but with a white LED where ...
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80 Have you installed Aftermarket Headlights? Share your ...
Your best bet with the aftermarket will be to seek out CAPA certified parts, which means they have been tested for their material properties, ...
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81 Carpart4u Aftermarket OEM Style Full LED Projector ...
Buy Carpart4u Aftermarket OEM Style Full LED Projector Headlights for Toyota Corolla 2020-2021 [L/ LE Model Only] (Japan Built): Headlight Assemblies ...
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82 Warning regarding Brock aftermarket headlights.
The next level beyond polishing is clear coat and ceramic. OEM lens is best quality and durability. It isn't a bad idea to just get a brand new ...
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83 Guide To The Best Aftermarket Headlights: Our Top Picks
Crystal vs. Projector Headlights ... Crystal headlights are very common and they provide the exterior with an OEM look. Poorly designed crystal ...
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84 Denali projectors vs aftermarket vs LED in halogen headlights
I really only want the black projector housing, but I do like them. My con is their price. Especially compared to them OEM housing with a bulb.
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85 OEM style aftermarket headlights | Team Integra Forums
Well, I am not having any luck finding genuine OEM headlights, so I am curious if anyone knows how the aftermarket OEM ones are?
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86 OEM replacement / aftermarket headlight reviews - G35Driver
G35 Coupe V35 2003 - 07 - OEM replacement / aftermarket headlight reviews - guys...most of us still running G35s are running into the headlight UV damage ...
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87 The Pros & Cons Of OEM, Aftermarket, and Used Auto Body ...
Aftermarket parts are basically any part made for your vehicle not made by the original manufacturer. OEM parts and aftermarket parts are mutually exclusive.
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88 Question about headlight replacement and fitment, aftermarket ...
How do aftermarket headlight "OEM Style" assembly's compare to the OEM's? The Mopar ones would be over $500 vs sub $200 for an aftermarket ...
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89 Aftermarket Headlights - AKKON
... Chrome Clear Exclusive Halo Projector Ultra Bright SMD DRL LED Headlights ... XV Crosstrek Halogen Projector Black Headlights -w/ Tube Parking Lamp.
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90 OEM & Aftermarket Car Head Lights - Nextgenspeed
Many Aftermarket or OEM Headlight options for any late model Camaro, Mustang, Challenger, Charger, & More.
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91 United Pacific aftermarket OEM headlight
As one of the largest manufacturers of aftermarket headlights and accessories, United Pacific is here to provide our customers with nothing but the best ...
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92 OEM Trademarks in the AfterMarket: Exploring the Boundaries
Understanding this, courts for decades have allowed aftermarket sellers to use trademarks of original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) to inform ...
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93 Aftermarket Headlight Assemblies - Honda Pilot Forums
OEM assemblies are $600+ retail, which is more than I want to spend. So, I'm looking for suggestions of good aftermarket brands.
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94 Aftermarket Headlights | E46 Fanatics Forum
OE headlights have better stock projectors and they are good quality components if they are unbroken and not from an accident. Generally P46s ...
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95 Choosing OEM or Aftermarket Parts: Quality, Price & More
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturers who produce original parts for replacement in their manufactured cars. Meanwhile, aftermarket car parts refer to ...
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96 Car parts explained: OEM vs Aftermarket | Haynes Publishing
Car parts explained: OEM vs Aftermarket ; Guaranteed quality; You know it will fit; Potential buyers will prefer a car maintained with OEM components. ; Extra ...
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97 Head light replacement options / aftermarket HID, Xenon and ...
After researching for a bit on OEM looking headlights. ... covers are similar but not the same for aftermarket Hella type vs actual Hella.
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