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1 7 Hot Tips for Creating Beautiful Eclectic Interior Design
To pull off the perfect eclectic decor scheme, shoose one item and really give it a special place in the room, where it can stand on its own ...
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2 How to Decorate in Eclectic Style - The Spruce
Eclectic Style Ideas · Go Wild With Plants · Focus on Your Entryway · Play With Color · Display Your Favorite Things · Try the Unexpected · Mix Up ...
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3 Rules to Pull Off a Successful Eclectic Design (Without it ...
› home-inspiration › trends
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4 Eclectic Style Defined And How To Get The Look - Décor Aid
› blog › interior-design-style
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5 How to Do Eclectic Interior Design Just Right - Hayneedle
When trying eclectic style, think of it as being inspired by a wide variety of time periods, styles, and trends with personal objects thrown in the mix. The ...
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6 Eclectic Interior Design Tips and Ideas for the Perfect Vibe
If you love colorful rooms, eclectic style is for you. Don't be afraid to mix and match contrasting colors. However, plan your color palette ...
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7 The Ultimate Guide To Eclectic Decor - House Digest
Mixing and matching furniture for that eclectic feel is all about identifying the proportions, scales, and shapes that will work well together, ...
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8 Eclectic Decorating Tips From A Top Interiors Blogger |
Dec 11, 2018 —
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9 51 Eclectic Living Rooms With Tips And Ideas To Help You ...
Calm eclectic. Eclectic interiors don't have to be hectic ...
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10 Tips for the perfect eclectic design for your home - YouTube
10 key moments
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Selen Interior Design
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12 75 Eclectic Living Room Ideas You'll Love - Houzz
As you start browsing eclectic living room decorating ideas for your home, think about the space's desired purpose and focus on a few staple items, ...
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13 10 Ways To Add Eclectic Interior Design Style To Your Home
You should focus on layered textiles to really nail this look. The eclectic style relies heavily on layers. Pile on the cushions, arrange propped paintings on ...
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14 Eclectic Style 101 - HGTV
Fabrics: An eclectic look is partly defined by the multitude of fabrics, whether they be patterned, textured or both. Choose a color scheme and stick with a ...
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15 Do's and Don'ts Of Eclectic Home Décor - Trendir
› dos-donts-eclectic-home-decor
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16 900+ Best Eclectic Decor ideas in 2022 - Pinterest
See more ideas about house interior, home, eclectic home. ... French Chinoiserie and How to Add Chinoiserie Decor to Your Home. More information ...
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17 eclectic decor tips | TikTok Search
Discover short videos related to eclectic decor tips on TikTok. ... #decortips #homeinspo #eclectic #interiordecorating · anthonyimmediato.
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18 Eclectic Home Decorating Tips | Triple Crown Corp
› Blog
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19 27 eclectic home decor pieces to style your living room
Eclectic Decor Tips · Make too much clutter · Stick a few statement pieces · Go too matchy-matchy · Tie different pieces together with common colour ...
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20 Eclectic Decorating Tips - Unique Home Decor Ideas
Eclectic Decorating Tips · 1. Inspiration - seek inspiration from vintage advertising, books and magazines. · Visit museums and libraries to get an appreciation ...
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21 Eclectic Interior Design: Tips for Creating Your Space
› decor › eclectic-desi...
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22 Eclectic Interior Design Samples and How to Do it Yourself
How to Pull Off Eclectic Interior Design Yourself · Mix Textures and Finishes · Create a Focal Point · Pick a Base Color · Work With What You Have.
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23 Interior Trends: What Is Eclectic Decor Style? - Lick
Whether on your walls or through your furniture choices, eclectic decor is all about a playful color palette. Pick one paint color to anchor the room, and then ...
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24 What Is Eclectic Style? - House Beautiful
Tips for Decorating with Eclectic Style · Pick a color palette. · Balance bold furnishings with neutral walls—or vice versa. In order to keep your ...
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25 How to Incorporate Eclectic Decor in Your Home - Zin Home
A brilliant way to successfully connect different decorating styles is to include textures that are similar to look at. A nice look for an ...
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26 How to Achieve the Perfect Eclectic Style - Tidbits and Twine
Get my FREE 5-day email guide and join the 10,000 subscribers who already receive the weekly decorating tips and exclusive art!
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27 Essentials of Eclectic Style: Make It Personal and Colorful
While modern eclectic decor is all about mixing, you can't just throw things together haphazardly. Before you start decorating your room, you ...
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28 Eclectic Interior Design: Five Tips For Decorating Your ...
Your eclectic interior design is going to include several furniture styles in one space. One example is a wooden desk with an accent chair, or you can pair your ...
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29 Interior Designers On What Really Makes An Eclectic Space
True eclectic decorating is highly intentional. A good example of this is the Viale dei Romani restaurant at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel in West ...
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30 Top 8 Tips for Eclectic Home Design - HomeLane Blog
Eclectic interior designs can be well defined using some patterned decor. Using patterned carpets or fabrics can subtly add design to the ...
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31 Eclectic Style: Tips and Tricks for Making Sense of It
Keep a focal point. ... Although eclectic style involves combining designs, décor pieces, time periods, and styles via various items and design ...
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32 Explore Eclectic Room Designs By Spacejoy
The eclectic style of interior design and decor is about bringing together diverse styles, opposing textures, and contrasting colors to create a cohesive look.
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33 Decorating Tips for an Eclectic Interior Design
2. Styles. Although eclectic interiors are all about mixing various styles, it's a good idea to stick to just two or three styles. There are ...
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34 Eclectic Bedroom Decorating Ideas - Early Settler's Home Life
Eclectic Bedroom Decorating Ideas · Mismatch your furniture. One of the most defining features of the eclectic style is mismatched furniture.
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35 Eclectic Living Room: 11 Design Tips to Pull off an Eclectic Look
Are you considering changing the style in your home? · The eclectic style involves different colors, textures, and patterns, but don't let these ...
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36 4 Eclectic Home Decor Tips And 25 Ideas - DigsDigs
Eclectic decor isn't about over-decorating, you should find some ways to unify your decor, and the easiest way to go is to use a single color ...
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37 Eclectic Home Decor Do's and Don'ts
› Decorating Tips
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38 Eclectic Home Design: Expert Tips to Avoiding All or Nothing
"If the western style is just too much for the main living areas, maybe your husband can decorate one adjacent room to his liking," Ms. Stone said. "An office, ...
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39 8 Tips To Get A Cohesive Trendy Eclectic Look
The pop of color helps with making the space cohesive as well. Even though you are decorating one room, you should keep the other rooms in mind to keep the ...
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40 Everything You've Wanted to Know about Eclectic Design
Easy Eclectic Design Tips · Modern Artwork · Just Say No to Matching Furniture · Color · Mix Old Items with New · The Interior Designer's Best Kept ...
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41 50 Eclectic Living Rooms for a Delightfully Creative Home
This obviously makes the gallery wall a perfect addition to the eclectic living room that brings together a fusion of decorating styles. Do not ...
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42 7 Ways to Add Eclectic Decor to Your Home - De Panache
Get Your Home Looking Unique with These 7 Eclectic Decor Tips · Use the color wheel to mix and match colors · Put a unique spin on your dining ...
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43 Cultured Eclectic | Fresh American Style
We've been having a blast bringing you a weekly dose of Annie's shopping and product tips, entertaining ideas, how-to's, decorating advice, and inspiration.
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44 Eclectic Decorating Tips From A Top Interiors Blogger
Eclectic Decorating Tips From A Top Interiors Blogger ... 30 Amazing Bookcase Decorating Ideas To Perfect Your Interior Design.
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45 How to Decorate to Thrift the Look: Eclectic Decor
Eclectic style embraces the boho look, which features plenty of plants. Playing off the tree needlepoint, I wanted wispy foliage, like Spring trees budding out.
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46 Guide to Pull Off Eclectic Decor - Roomhints
Top 14 Hints for Eclectic Decor · 1. Have a color scheme to tie in your eclectic decor · 2. Be personal · 3. Be thoughtful · 4. Have a focal point.
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47 Eclectic Decor: Mixing Old and New Styles
› eclectic-decor-134...
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48 How to Do Eclectic Interior Decor | RugKnots Tips
How to Pull Off Eclectic Interior Design Style? · DO: Add A Mixture of Textures · DO NOT: Forget to Opt for Multiple Textures · DO: Take Negative ...
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49 The Best Rental Friendly Eclectic Decor Posts from 2017 -
Find the top 12 rental friendly decorating ideas for Eclectic Decor with easy DIYs, decorating tips, and rental hacks on a budget.
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50 Mix and Match to Find Your Eclectic Style - Blue Dahlia Designs
› inspired-design
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51 Reader's Show and Tell: Master an Eclectic Decorating Style
Reader's Show and Tell: Master an Eclectic Decorating Style · 1 of 6. Mix and Match. In a pared-down palette, Ali's prints look chic, not chaotic ...
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52 Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas - Modsy
Page 1 of 18 - Need some eclectic living room decor inspiration? Check out our eclectic living room design ideas from Modsy designers ...
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53 8 Must-Have Eclectic Decor Tips to Pull Off the Look |
Mixing colors and prints is common when putting together eclectic home decor, so you can be as bold and daring as you wish. Pairing eclectic ...
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54 Get Funky and Learn All about Eclectic Decor - Decor Tips
First, turn your attention to your wall color as an eclectic decor will combine all kinds of elements with different colors and shapes. Neutral ...
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55 Tips For Eclectic Interior Design Using Color
Are you interested in learning more? Since you love all types of decor, how about coordinating your rooms with eclectic furniture, accessories and paint based ...
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56 How to Decorate an Eclectic Living Room - Stowers Furniture
A good tip is picking a neutral base and one accent color. When you're choosing décor pieces like lampshades, side tables and ottomans, find a ...
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57 Design and Decor Tips to Have a Fresh and Eclectic Wedding
Create a Fingerprint Guest Canvas · Light it Up with String Lights, Safely · Design and Decor Tips to Have a Fresh and Eclectic Wedding · Decorate with In Season ...
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58 21 Eclectic Living Rooms With Tips And Ideas To Help You ...
Eclectic gallery walls. The bigger the abundance of styles, frames, and color in an eclectic gallery wall, the better. An abundance of unique ...
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59 Eclectic Decorating Tips - Choices Flooring
› ... › Inspirations
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60 10 Tips to Master an Eclectic Bathroom Style - RoomSketcher
To achieve an eclectic bathroom style you should have an informal mix of elements and draw from a wide variety of decor styles. It combines ...
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61 Tips for Eclectic Style Decorating - Conestoga Tile
› tips-eclectic-style-deco...
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62 6 Tips For Eclectic Decorating » 2022 - Home Kitchen Magazine
Tips For Eclectic Decorating – Eclectic style is nothing new in the world of architecture and interiors. It has emerged since the 19th century as something ...
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63 Eclectic Twist: Top Eclectic Decor Blog
Eclectic Twist is a Decor Blog in which Designer Tina shares her design inspiration, her latest home projects and more.. Click here now for the latest!
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64 Stacey's Home Styling Quick Tips - Effortlessly Eclectic
Embrace Color - A home decorating tip about adding color to your home. ... Be the first to hear about new art, decor, books, & more, to make your home beautifully ...
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65 Bold Eclectic Design Style Guide - Christina Maria Blog
Bold eclectic design style guide: Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration, wallpaper sources, paint color guide, and home decor finds for your home!
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66 Quirky or Overkill? 10 Practical Tips To Pull Off An Eclectic ...
Eclectic home decor doesn't equate to an overload of furnishings. You can actually pull off the look by a few pieces that will stand out in your ...
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67 What is Eclectic Design? - Apartment List
Eclectic design does not adhere to any specific set of design styles or rules, though it is characterized by its lack thereof. Primarily, ...
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68 Keys to Good Eclectic Design in 2018 - Patio Productions
Similarly we recommend concrete, natural wood, and natural stone for countertops and other decor pieces. You might be wondering why these ...
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69 Eclectic Decorating Ideas for Your Bedroom | Philadelphia
› eclectic-decorating-i...
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70 Boho Home Decor: 11 Tips That Show You How To Pull It Off
There a couple of ways you can approach this eclectic look: ... With the right attention to details and the colors you choose, boho can look super chic. Often, ...
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71 Decorate an Eclectic Style Loft - Wayfair
› sca › ideas-and-advice › styles
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72 Décor Secrets: Eclectic Style - Livspace
Eclectic style relies on layering contrasting pieces cleverly. Since it's strongly individualistic, you needn't restrict your decorating to just ...
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73 Eclectic Decorating Style |
Since eclectic style is really a combination of many different things and styles in one room or home they should match and mix very well. That ...
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74 Eclectic Decor - Everything You Need to Know
Another way to create an eclectic look in your home is to mix the old with the new. Vintage pieces mixed with contemporary accents are a great ...
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75 Eclectic Interior Decor & Design Guide - Rustica
For a truly eclectic design in your kitchen, focus your energy on surfaces and finishes. Combining contrasting surfaces and finishes, if done in ...
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76 A Guide to Modern Eclectic Style with @britdotdesign | Articulate
Any tips for mixing vintage pieces with new finds? ... The modern eclectic look encourages a dynamic blend of antiqued, vintage pieces with newer ...
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77 A Real Life Challenge Proving my Eclectic Decorating Style ...
Another trick that helps make this grouping work is that I stayed with a fairly tight color palette (tip #2). I wanted to carry the green and ...
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78 5 Tips to Turn an Eclectic Decor Collection Into a Cohesive ...
5 Tips to Turn an Eclectic Decor Collection Into a Cohesive Room Design · 1. Start With a Neutral Palette · 2. Find a Unifier · 3. Create Some Open ...
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79 Tips for Decorating an Eclectic Kidsroom - Kids Interiors
You will be surprised of the eclectic look you can create by adding decor accents in totally different colours and patterns from the wallpaper ...
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80 Cozy Eclectic Living Room Decor Inspiration - Hey, Djangles.
A melting pot of interior design styles and eras, eclectic decorating is not for the faint of heart! Characterized by bold colors, patterns, textures, ...
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81 Eclectic Interior Decorating Ideas for Modern Kitchens and ...
United by a decorating color scheme, textures and materials, decoration patterns or architectural details, all elements of modern interior decorating in ...
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82 11 Fantastic Eclectic Bedroom Ideas (With Pictures)
Eclectic decorating consists of mixing colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and finishes with various styles from different time periods and ...
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83 Eclectic Style: Making Your Home Reflect You
Eclectic Style: Making Your Home Reflect You Eclectic style is often ... Bathroom, Decorating Ideas and Tips, Dining Room Furniture and ...
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84 5 Tips for Styling an Eclectic Home - Fashion Gone Rogue
The theory behind eclectic styling is that if each piece you use in decorating is beautiful and unique, then all the pieces will blend together and compliment ...
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85 Eclectic Interior Design - The Honeycomb Home
Eclectic design can be tricky to get right. One major tip when combining different styles is to use a common element to pull it all together. Using a common ...
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86 Blog-A-Dazzle — Alchemy Eclectic
PJ DIY Luggage Rack · October 05, 2016 in Cheap Style Tips & Savings, Crafting, Decorating with PJ, DIY, Eyecandy, Funny Shiot ...
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87 What is Eclectic Home Decor? We Explore This Design Style
If you have no qualms pairing a gold necklace with a silver bracelet, you're probably a good candidate for embracing eclectic home decor. Because the furniture ...
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88 Eclectic Decorating Ideas for Living Rooms -
Eclectic decorating ideas for living rooms · pair an antique or vintage table with modern, or metal industrial chairs · combine a colorful ...
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89 3 Ways to Decorate Your Home in Eclectic Style - wikiHow Life
› Decorate-Your-Home-in-Ec...
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90 Tips and ideas for eclectic interior design style - Virily
Eclectic in the interior means extracting ideas, styles, and tastes from different sources. The choice of environment and space is very ...
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91 How to Achieve a Vintage Eclectic Decorating Style
› sponsored post
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92 18 Ways to Embrace Boho Style for a Laidback Look You'll Love
Small-Space Bohemian Decor ... Maximize angled dormer ceilings by turning a small space into lofted bunks. Eclectic bohemian style is ideal for ...
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