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1 Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions | Department of State
No, the Division of Cemeteries and the New York State Cemetery Board regulate only those cemeteries that are incorporated under the Not-for-Profit Corporation ...
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2 Who is responsible for cemeteries and their upkeep? -
Cemeteries might be owned by a local governmental agency. If owned by a town, city or county there are no state laws that describe the techniques for ...
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3 FAQs | New York State Association of Cemeteries
The laws of New York require all regulated cemeteries to take 10% of every sale and $35 from each burial and place it in a managed Permanent Maintenance Fund.
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4 Public vs. Private Cemeteries
A cemetery, though privately owned, is properly classified as a “public cemetery” where it consists of a great number of burial plots or sites sold and for ...
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5 The Basic Laws Pertaining to Cemeteries | Stimmel Law
However, actual public use rather than ownership determines whether a cemetery is public. Thus, a cemetery, though privately owned or maintained, may be deemed ...
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6 Abandoned Cemeteries and Municipal Responsibilites
NYS Town Law Section 291 requires towns to take over cemeteries previously or currently owned by a cemetery corporation organized pursuant to Section 1504(c) of ...
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7 SECTION 1401 Private and family cemetery corporations
without the written consent of the owner thereof. * (b) Removal of remains from private cemeteries to other cemeteries.
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8 Cemeteries - Funeral Consumers Alliance of the Finger Lakes
About one-third of the cemeteries in New York State are operated by not-for-profit corporations. The others are owned by religious and private organizations ...
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9 New York General Municipal Law Article 8 - CEMETERIES
161 - Title May Be Acquired by Condemnation. If the said common council or board of trustees shall be unable to agree with the owner of such lands for the ...
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10 Options for Handling Cemeteries on Private Property
A reservation of rights to a family cemetery in a deed is generally not considered a reservation of the fee-simple ownership of the land that ...
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11 Types of Cemeteries
A cemetery can be owned by a religious order, municipality, fraternal organization, association, individual or corporation. The ownership structure of a ...
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12 New Jersey Cemetery Board - Frequently Asked Questions
Can a monument/vault company sell graves and maintain cemeteries? No. By statute codified as N.J.S.A. 45:27-16c, the sale of graves and the ...
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13 City Cemeteries Face Gridlock - The New York Times
There are 35 privately owned cemeteries in the city and several dozen with religious affiliations. The closer to Manhattan and major ...
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14 2017 Act 64 - PA General Assembly
C.S.) - DEFINITIONS, TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP OF CEMETERIES AND REASONABLE ACCESS TO ... Amending Title 9 (Burial Grounds) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated ...
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15 Chapter 368j - Cemeteries - Connecticut General Assembly
19-146). Ownership and management of burial grounds. Town appropriations. Sec. 19a-296. (Formerly Sec. 19-147). Cemetery associations.
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16 How Long Do You Own a Cemetery Plot - Plot Expiration Dates
This is usually not the case, and when you purchase a burial plot, it is usually always yours. Until it is used by the owner, that person owns the burial plot ...
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17 How Do Cemeteries Make Money When They're Full?
When you think of a family-owned business, you probably don't immediately picture a cemetery. Graveyards and cemeteries, though, ...
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18 Pennsylvania Laws Regarding Burial Practices and Cemeteries
This act states that interment rights may be deemed abandoned if they were granted by a cemetery company or burial association; if they were not used for 50 ...
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19 Article 9. North Carolina Cemetery Act. § 65-46. Short title.
(5) "Cemetery company" means any legal entity that owns or controls cemetery lands or property and conducts the business of a cemetery, including all cemeteries ...
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20 Perpetual Care Cemeteries - Mississippi Secretary of State
timely notified the cemetery does not have an ownership interest in the lot, then the cemetery may use the vacant portions of the lot for additional burial ...
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21 General Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Cemetery ...
Except for willful or malicious acts or omissions, the owner of a burial site or land encompassing a burial site is not liable for damages, in a civil action to ...
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22 Cemeteries - Funeral Consumers Alliance of Pennsylvania
There are cemeteries all over the country that aren't maintained as they should be. Lack of upkeep is rampant. There's virtually no regulations or oversight of ...
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23 rules and regulations pertaining to
Registration and Protection of Historic Cemeteries (5/9/2012) ... "Owner" means the owner of a parcel of land. ... Historic cemeteries owned or.
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24 Arkansas Cemetery Laws
Arkansas Annotations – State Burial Laws Project ... for those purposes shall extend to all cemeteries except those owned by the United States of America, ...
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25 Revised Statutes of Missouri, RSMo Section 214.040 -
Plots and records of cemeteries to be maintained, where — requirements. — 1. Every person or association which owns any cemetery in which dead human remains ...
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26 NC Laws and Statutes - Cemetery Census
(3) By an electric power or lighting company when it owns land on which graves are located, and the land is to be used as a reservoir.
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27 DPOR Consumer Guide: Cemeteries and Pre-Need Burial ...
Family-owned, non-profit, and church cemeteries, as well as those owned and operated by the state or localities, are exempt from licensure.
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28 CEMETERY REGULATION ACT Act 251 of 1968 AN ACT to ...
(7) The commissioner shall require each person engaged as agent or seller in the selling of burial rights, entombment rights, or columbarium rights owned by a ...
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29 381.697 Cemeteries maintained by legal owners.
(1) Every cemetery in Kentucky except private family cemeteries shall be maintained ... (2) The owner or owners of public or private burial grounds, ...
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30 Cemetery - Wikipedia
A cemetery, burial ground, gravesite or graveyard is a place where the remains of dead people are buried or otherwise interred. The word cemetery implies ...
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31 Cemeteries | Danville, VA - Official Website
Today, the Public Works Department manages eight City-owned cemeteries, comprised of more than 186 acres. Cemetery regulations can be found in Chapter 10 of ...
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32 FAQ for Cemetery Board - Delaware Health and Social Services
How frequently does a cemetery renew its registration? Cemeteries must renew every five years or upon a change in ownership. What is a distressed cemetery? Per ...
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33 Article 17. Cemeteries. § 160A-341. Authority to establish and ...
any property owned by the city to use as a cemetery, may prohibit burials at ... city other than city cemeteries, and may regulate the manner of burial in ...
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34 Chapter 121: Cemeteries - Vermont Laws
The statutory purpose of the exemption for cemeteries in sections 5317 and 5376 ... owning, operating, or controlling the cemetery in which lots or burial ...
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35 Burial Ground Act (PDF) - Pennsylvania Department of State
Incorporated cemetery company as qualified trustee. § 310. Penalties. ... cemetery companies and cemeteries owned or controlled by a bona.
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36 Cemetery FAQ | Cemeteries and Memorials | Oliver H. Bair ...
When a cemetery plot or grave is purchased, the cemetery retains ownership of the land. The purchase allows the owner the right to be buried on cemetery ...
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37 FAQs • Beavercreek, OH • CivicEngage
The burial right ownership is in perpetuity. It can be handed down in a family or willed to another family member or friend. However, if the lot remains empty ...
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NRS 452.027 Cooperation and exchange of information between Administrator and Board. Maintenance and Endowment Care of Cemetery. NRS 452.030 Owner to keep ...
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39 WV Code § 37-13A-1 - West Virginia Legislature§ion=1
GRAVES LOCATED UPON PRIVATELY OWNED LANDS. §37-13A-1. Access of certain persons to cemeteries and graves located on private land.
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40 Virginia State Cemetery Laws - Fauquier County
Virginia's burial laws or your rights as a citizen, we ... owner. Virginia law requires landowners to allow access to cemeteries on private property.
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41 Cemeteries |
While Cemetery Operations arranges interments at every cemetery, burials spaces are only available for purchase in Austin Memorial Park and Evergreen cemeteries ...
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“Veterans cemetery” means a cemetery that is owned or operated by the state of Iowa or by the United States for the burial of veterans. 2005 Acts, ch 128, §7; ...
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43 2022 Guide to Burial & Cemetery Plot Costs - Lincoln Heritage
Pre-owned burial plots are sold by private individuals who pre-purchased a plot. Many people pre-plan their funeral and burial but later change their plans ...
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44 Grave Matters: Accessing Cemeteries on Private Property
The land owner is not responsible, but it would be a very nice geture to protect the cemetery or allow access for maintenance and repair. The history of a ...
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45 Deed of Grant for an Exclusive Right of Burial
Ownership of an Exclusive Right of Burial does not imply ownership of the land itself or the right to carry out any particular activity on the grave plot. The ...
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46 City-Owned Cemeteries | Real Estate Management -
Online Grave Space Purchases · Remember that many - perhaps most - burials in Tallahassee occur in private cemeteries, not in the five owned and operated by the ...
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47 Title and Rights of Owners of Plots, Grounds, or Graves legal ...
If a plot owner dies intestate, the rights to the plot pass to the heirs in the same manner that Personal Property passes in the absence of a will. A gravestone ...
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48 Ch. 306 MN Statutes
Cemetery associations and private cemeteries established after that date ... Cemetery land and property or a public burial ground owned or controlled by a ...
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49 WV State Cemetery Codes
A variety of legislation protects human burial sites in West Virginia. ... deceased persons buried there, by any cemetery plot owner, or by any person ...
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... owns or operates a cemetery or has control of cemetery property may act as a permanent trustee for the perpetual maintenance of the lots and graves in ...
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51 Once a Cemetery, Always a Cemetery - Texas REALTORS
› issues › december-2021
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52 Chapter 214 Cemeteries :: 2011 Missouri Revised Statutes
County commission and incorporated cemetery company to receive grants and bequests in trust. Section 214.131. Tombstones, fences, destroying or mutilating in ...
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53 Cemetery Access, Ownership, and Maintenance
Under Title 13, Section 1101, a municipality may appoint a caretaker to take care of both veterans' and non‐veterans' graves. The best way to ...
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54 Who Owns Cemeteries? | Sunset Funeral Home
Many people just assume cemeteries are all privately owned. Years ago Alexanders Funeral Homes and Cemetery was bought by Service Corporation International, ...
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55 A Grave Burden - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Interactive
It came as a surprise to retired Judge Frank Lucchino that private individuals could own cemeteries and operate them as businesses.
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56 J. CEMETERIES 1. Introduction IRC 501(a) exempts ... - IRS
types of cemeteries were exempt from federal income tax. The first type was the mutual cemetery company operated for the benefit of its members.
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The owner of land, any part of which has been used for human burial and no cemetery corporation, including the same, has been formed, as is now provided by law, ...
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58 Family Cemeteries On Your Property – What You Need To Know
... families commonly buried their loved ones on privately owned land, ... One big draw to have a burial plot on your property is the cost-saving benefits ...
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59 Human Remains and Burials -
Under state law, family members have a right to visit the graves of their ancestors, even though someone else may own the property (T.C.A. 46-4-104).
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60 Cemetery Laws by County or Jurisdiction
14-119 (c) (a person in Carroll County who owns land with a cemetery shall ... d) (Burial Site Preservation Board can enter cemeteries w/ property owner's ...
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61 Cemeteries - 2016-08 (PDF)
If a city owns or operates a cemetery or has control of cemetery property, then it may act as trustee for the cemetery. To act as a trustee, a majority of the ...
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62 city of charlotte cemeteries
The City owns and operates seven cemeteries. They are significant public assets, invested in by the community with sentimental, historic and cultural value.
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63 Cemetery Preservation: Kentucky Statutes on Cemeteries
A cemetery, though privately owned, is properly classified as a “public cemetery” where it consists of a great number of burial plots or ...
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64 Abandoned Cemeteries | SC Archaeology Law
But in general there is no law that requires an land owner to maintain a long-forgotten cemetery or to allow unfettered access to it. On the other hand, ...
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65 Taking Care of Boston's Cemeteries
Thomas Sullivan is the General Superintendent of Cemeteries. There are three active cemeteries owned and operated by the City of Boston's Parks ...
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66 Chapter 759 - Ohio Revised Code
The legislative authority of a municipal corporation may sell any portion of the cemetery grounds owned by it and not used for the burial of the dead, which ...
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67 Limitations on construction and excavation near burial sites
Before the construction activity may continue, the excavator or person who owns the land shall notify the Director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission ...
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68 Who owns Nantucket's cemeteries?
The question of ownership of the town cemeteries remains open. They were once part of the Common and Undivided Land governed by the Proprietors.
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69 Whistling Past the Graveyard: Cemeteries in Texas
Laws and statutes govern cemeteries whether they ... to meet the owner's needs. ... In other words, even someone who owns a cemetery is.
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70 Cemetery Program - Office of State Archaeology
Note: If you want to report graves being disturbed please contact your local ... map, describe, and permanently record existing cemeteries in North Carolina ...
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71 City Cemeteries | Greenville, NC
The City of Greenville owns and maintains four cemeteries: Brownhill, Cherry Hill, Greenwood, and Homestead Memorial Gardens.
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72 Who We Are and What We Do - Cemetery and Funeral Bureau
› about_us › who
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73 County and Municipal Cemeteries in Florida
Government-owned vs. Public Cemeteries. All cemeteries in Florida are governed by Chapter 497, Florida Statutes, but exemptions apply to certain facilities.
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130 Burials. 4.04.140 Eligibility for burial. 4.04.150 Interments. 4.04.160 Location of graves. 4.04.170 Interment in plot owned ...
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76 NH Law | NHCA - NH Cemetery Association
'' IV. "Cemetery association'' means a nonprofit cemetery corporation, the voting members of which are the owners of burial spaces in the cemetery owned and ...
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77 Is A Cemetery Plot Considered Real Property?
A cemetery or burial plot is a specific location within the cemetery, owned by an individual or organization, specifically designed to be ...
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78 About the Georgia Board of Cemeterians
The Georgia Board of Cemeterians is charged by law with regulating the practice of perpetual care cemeteries, merchandise dealers, preneed dealers and ...
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79 Dying to Get In: Cemeteries on Private Property
Third, the property owner loses the right to exclude people from property that has a. “cemetery or private burial ground.” The general public ...
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80 Section 50-320 – Idaho State Legislature
All cities shall have the following powers in regard to cemeteries: ... ornament and otherwise improve all burial and cemetery grounds and streets owned by ...
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81 Cemeteries - City of Saginaw, Michigan
"The Cemeteries Division provides sales, burial and maintenance services for Saginaw's three municipally owned Cemeteries: Forest Lawn (200 acres), ...
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82 Cemeteries - Concord, NC
The City of Concord owns and operates three municipal cemeteries: Oakwood, Rutherford, and West Concord Cemeteries. The City's Buildings & Grounds ...
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83 Cemeteries Management | Durham, NC
Maplewood and Beechwood Cemeteries offer traditional burial and cremation ... founder of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, C.C. Spaulding, ...
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84 Burials and burial grounds - Citizens Information
Burial grounds (cemeteries) are the responsibility of the local authority. Many of them are operated by local authorities who appoint a ...
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85 KY Cemetery Laws - Walter A. Sholar Letter
The owner or owners of public or private burial grounds, regardless of size or number of graves, shall protect the burial grounds from desecration or ...
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86 Cemetery - Kansas Secretary of State
Preneed merchandise are items such as: burial vaults, grave liners, grave boxes, urns, memorials, makers, vases, memorial vases, tombstones, lawn crypts, niches ...
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87 Cemetery & Grounds Division | Burlington, NC - Official Website
Visitation hours are from sunrise to sunset at all four cemeteries. ... Those persons owning rights to burial and those having deceased loved ones interred ...
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88 ANJ22 Cemeteries, Funerals, & New Jersey TAxes
Charges by a cemetery company to an interment space owner for perpetual care, annual care, and/or special care of cemetery graves or plots, or for other ...
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89 Cemeteries - South Carolina Department of Archives and History
State laws make it a felony to destroy or desecrate burial grounds and establish a legal framework for moving abandoned cemeteries when necessary. The ...
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90 Chapter 5 Rights and Title to Cemetery Lots
(1) If a municipality or cemetery maintenance district owns a cemetery and ... (a) have not used portions of the lots or parcels for purposes of burial and ...
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91 2021 Statute - Kansas Legislature
(a) For the purposes of this act, the term "lot owner" means the purchaser ... other than ground actually used for burial purposes and all ground within two ...
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92 Protecting And Preserving African-American Cemeteries In ...
2 You do not have to own the land to apply for the designation. An application costs $25, and detailed instructions are available on the Texas Historical ...
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93 revising the endowed care cemetery act to update it
It is declared to be necessary in the public interest that cemeteries ... T. "lot", "plot" or "burial space" means space in a cemetery owned by one or more ...
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94 The 2022 Florida Statutes - Online Sunshine
Cemetery companies shall notify their present burial rights owners by letter at the owner's last known address and notify all future burial rights owners, ...
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95 OHIO REVISED CODE – Selected Cemetery Law
owner's family, or an owner's descendant must use the lot, or at least one burial place within the lot, within a specified time period.
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96 Cemetery Services | Rock Hill, SC
The Cemetery Preservation Fund is a monetary fund used to carry out the perpetual upkeep, whether from donations or other sources of the City-owned cemeteries.
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97 Right of interment - Health.vic
› cemeteries-and-crematoria
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