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1 Internet metaphors - Wikipedia
Internet metaphors provide users and researchers of the Internet a structure for understanding and communicating its various functions, uses, ...
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2 Metaphorical Internet terms: a conceptual and structural analysis
This paper examines metaphorical terms that are used in the domain of the Internet. We begin by identifying the principal conceptual and structural ...
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3 Metaphorical Internet terms: A conceptual ... - Ingenta Connect
In this paper, we explore the terminology of the Internet, a domain in which metaphors are particularly striking. We first examine English metaphorical ...
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4 Metaphors in Computer and Internet Terminologies
Key words: computer metaphor;. Internet metaphor; conceptual metaphor; metaphorical coherence; impact. 1. INTRODUCTION. Metaphor is not only ...
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5 The Misleading Power of Internet Metaphors
In our digital, networked world, metaphors that become memes (such as "cloud" computing, "smart" tech and the “Internet of Things") can be ...
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6 Metaphorical Internet terms: A conceptual and structural analysis
Abstract. Although metaphors are often associated with literary language, they also play an important role in scientific and technical texts and ...
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7 What Do Internet metaphors reveal about the Internet ?
by D Jamet · Cited by 2 —
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8 Metaphorical Internet Terms in English and French - Flipbook by ...
Looking For Metaphorical Internet Terms in English and French? Read Metaphorical Internet Terms in English and French from here. Check all flipbooks from .
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9 Metaphors in critical Internet and digital media studies
Conclusion: metaphorical imagination ... Metaphors describe one thing in terms of another, because they help to describe something novel or for poetic and ...
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10 A history of metaphors for the internet - The Verge
Cyberspace became the chosen metaphor of the libertarian and countercultural strains of the early internet. As the media began to drum up ...
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11 Internet Metaphors - Term Paper
The main aim of this paper is to examine Internet linguistic metaphors a.k.a. Internet metaphorical expressions used to conceptualize the Internet, and try and ...
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12 Internet Conceptual Metaphors
By a conceptual metaphor Lakoff and Johnson mean not simply a poetic use of words, but actually thinking and talking about one thing in terms of another. They ...
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13 Metaphorical Modelling of the Concept “Technology”
scientific texts and term systems of various scientific fields contain a great deal ... For example, in our analysis we identify a metaphor Internet market:.
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14 Metaphors of Internet - Peter Lang Verlag
A group of digital culture experts address these questions in Metaphors of Internet: Ways of Being in the Age of Ubiquity. Twenty years ago, the internet was ...
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15 View of Salvation or destruction: Metaphors of the Internet
People use metaphors routinely to express their thoughts regarding the Internet's nature and potential. In a study of editorials over a three month period, ...
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16 Metaphorical Internet terms: a conceptual and structural analysis ...
Metaphorical Internet terms: a conceptual and structural analysis. Autores: Ingrid Meyer, Victoria Zaluski, Kristen Mackintosh; Localización: Terminology: ...
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17 Internet Metaphors: a Cross-Linguistic Perspective - e-Revistes
conceptual theory of metaphor has been (among other linguists3) recognized by students of computer/Internet terminology (e.g. Rohrer, 1997; Schnadwinkel, ...
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18 Metaphor and Phenomenology
The term “contemporary phenomenology” refers to a wide area of 20th and 21st century ... Existential Phenomenology: Paul Ricoeur, Hermeneutics, and Metaphor.
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19 (PDF) The language of information technology: Figurative use ...
cognitive mechanisms motivate idiomatic expressions. ... metaphors (Kövecses, 2002: 32-33). ... represent an abstraction, such as an activity, ...
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20 Interpretation of Metaphorical Neologisms in Cognitive ...
Keywords: “Internet Plus”, Cognitive Language, Metaphor, New Words. 1. Introduction. With the Rapid Development of Society and Science and Technology, New.
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21 Extra Credit Opportunity: Talk on Internet Metaphors and Arabic ...
Dr. Lachheb will suggest strategies and guidelines to translate metaphorical internet terms from English to Arabic, taking into consideration pioneering ...
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22 How the Metaphor of “the Cloud” Changed Our Attitude ...
Around 2010, casual Internet users were introduced to the idea that the digital world around them could be understood in terms of the “cloud ...
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23 Metaphors Reflecting and Shaping the Reality of the Internet
As our metaphorical conceptualizations of the term “Internet” become more concrete, walls of meaning are constructed around us, reifying a “box” that we ...
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24 What Are the Metaphors We Live by? - Academy Publication
Index Terms—conceptual metaphor theory, experientialism, conceptual metaphor ... In the above metaphor INTERNET IS A HIGHWAY, people can see that there is a ...
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25 Danger! Metaphors at Work in Economics, Geophysiology ...
Keywords: metaphor; Internet; economics; geophysiology; Wired magazine ... future has to be discussed in terms of the imaginary, in terms of metaphors,.
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26 The Brain-Computer Metaphor Debate Is Useless: A Matter of ...
But, in fact, meaning is crucially modified by context and use, rather than corresponding to particular objects, so the meaning of most words ...
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27 Understanding science: when metaphors become terms
In the case of the well-known metaphor, Internet-is-an-information superhighway, larger cables are frequently depicted as transmitting information at a ...
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28 What's in a Name? Metaphors and Cybersecurity
Foundational metaphors, implicit in terminology, have received far less attention. The word cyberspace implies a metaphor between the Internet (and related ...
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29 It's Not a Big Truck - Examining Cyber Metaphors - AcqNotes
Instead, he was metaphorically describing one thing (the Internet) in terms of something else (a series of tubes). The truth is, his imagery was not entirely ...
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30 Research on the Metaphorical Features of ... - ProQuest
Therefore, anthropomorphic metaphors can promote people's cognition of computers, which is very common in English computer terms, such as the thinking of ...
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31 Research on the Metaphorical Features of Computer ...
Abstract: With the rapid development of internet information age, the research of computer is more in-depth. Metaphor embodies people's way ...
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32 A visual metaphor for the internet in 2020 - Visual Academy
› blog › visual-metaphor-i...
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33 Pre-Service Turkish Language Teachers' Metaphorical ... - ERIC
They use the Internet and social media platforms to find ... Although the conceptual boundaries of the two terms [metaphor and figure of speech] are.
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34 "The Internet is Not a Super Highway: Using Metaphors to ...
Do metaphors influence our information policy preferences? Professor Osenga thinks so, which makes it especially important to choose the right one, ...
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35 Metaphors We Web By - Maggie Appleton
Thinking about computer interfaces as physical office rooms naturally expanded into thinking about the web. Websites were presented as and ...
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36 (PDF) Metaphorical conceptualization in cell biology | Sylvie ...
Metaphorical conceptualization (MC), in the sense used by Lakoff, is prevalent in ... Metaphorical Internet Terms: A Conceptual and Structural Analysis, ...
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37 Using Metaphors in Creative Writing - Purdue OWL
What is a metaphor? ; The transferring of things and words from their proper signification to an improper similitude for the sake of beauty, necessity, polish, ...
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38 rabbit hole Meaning & Origin | Slang by
Unlike earlier iterations of the metaphor, internet rabbit holes convey less a sense of weirdness, disorientation, or difficulty than they do of an ...
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39 Computer Databases and Metaphors for Information Privacy
through computer databases and the Internet with the metaphor of Big Brother- ... law of understanding the problem in terms of the Kafka metaphor.
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40 draft-knodel-terminology-10 - IETF Datatracker
Terminology, Power, and Inclusive Language in Internet-Drafts and RFCs ... Metaphors structure relationships, and they frame possibilities and ...
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41 Hines: A Metaphorical Analysis - 1271 Words -
› essay › Animal-Metaphors-In-En...
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42 Shipwrecked on a Metaphorical Reef
Even what appear to be the most common of words are, in fact, metaphors. ... One of the most important networks of our time is the internet.
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43 Making sense of the Web: a metaphorical approach
It is important to recognize that any theoretical foundation of Internet metaphors must be grounded in user responses in their own words. The theory of ...
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44 Context and Metaphorical Creativity - Oxford Academic
I term the creativity that is based on the context of metaphorical ... their opinion on this issue in a variety of media, the Internet being one of them.
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45 MetaNet: A Multilingual Metaphor Repository | ICSI
Metaphors describe one thing in terms of another; they're mappings from a source term to a target term. The target, which is abstract, is understood in ...
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46 Statistical Metaphor Processing | Computational Linguistics
In the presence of a certain conceptual metaphor individual words can be used ... by computer (e.g., “cast doubt,” “polish the thesis,” “catch a disease”), ...
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47 Metaphor, Simile, Analogy: What's the Difference?
For fun, the next time someone corrects you and says, “That's a simile, not a metaphor,” you can respond by letting them know that a simile is a ...
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48 100+ Common Metaphors with Meanings - Leverage Edu
Some examples of Metaphors · Heart of stone: Cruel or stern nature · The Zoo metaphor: Crowded and noisy · Time is money: The value of time is as ...
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49 What is a great metaphor for the Internet? - Quora
I would consider a ROAD system as a great metaphor. There are high speed interstates that ...
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50 Type and metaphor for computer programmers
Keywords: type, metaphor, programming, philosophy of computer science. 1 Introduction ... background and terminology about metaphor in general.
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51 Decoding the Metaphor of Internet Meme: A Study of Satirical ...
This study examined an emerging trend in Internet discourse as metaphorical constructs used by individuals for communication online. The Internet meme is an ...
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52 As a Utility – Metaphors of Information Technologies
Searches on Google scholar, with the terms technology as tool, ... ting and related internet technologies containing the utility metaphor. In ...
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53 10 Words Technology Borrowed from Nature - Orion Magazine
“Cyberspace,” says the technology historian Fred Turner, “is a frantic mingling of biological, digital, and frontier metaphors.” 2. Tree. Inside every computer, ...
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In today's world, Internet has become the most significant tool for ... These metaphors have been collected under six different themes in terms of their ...
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55 An Introduction to Visual Metaphors -
For example, the internet is the information superhighway. Metaphors are ingrained in how we think and make sense of the world. They're “pervasive in everyday ...
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56 57 Metaphor Examples That'll Pack Your Prose With Persuasion
Other examples of common metaphors are “night owl”, “cold feet”, “beat a dead horse”, “early bird”, “couch potato”, “eyes were fireflies”, “ ...
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57 metaphor - Urban Dictionary
› define › term=meta...
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58 Why is a metaphor effective? - Wylie Communications
In other words, he learned through metaphor. “Metaphor is for most ... In our brains, love is a journey, problems are puzzles and the internet is a city.
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59 Metaphor and the Social World - John Benjamins
The term “social world” signals the importance given to context (of metaphor use), to connections (e.g. across social, cognitive and discourse dimensions of ...
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60 Metaphorical language in the internet discourse of computer ...
In this paper we aim at analysing how metaphorical expressions are ways of reinforcing metaphors along the text (Stibbe, 1997) and how metaphors occurring ...
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61 The Platform Metaphor, Revisited – Digital Society Blog
The most successful internet businesses are based on the idea of ... When I first wrote about the term in 2010, social media companies like ...
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62 Metaphor identification in cybersecurity texts: a lightweight ...
Metaphors are common in the cybersecurity domain and range from individual words to complex mental models. Common mental models of computer ...
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63 Investigating the Shared Meaning of Metaphorical Sound ...
Music or sound professionals use specific terminology to communicate about timbre. Some key terms do not come from the sound domain and do ...
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64 Approaching Metaphorical Terms in Subject-specific ...
It has been found out that anthropological metaphorical terms ... 2001), computer science (Meyer, 1997), architecture (Caballero, 2003), ...
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65 Metaphorical Economic Terms: Problems of their Translation from ...
Abstract This article proposes a framework of studying metaphorical terms in ... As a material for my investigation, I used mostly the Internet resources ...
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66 What's the origin of the metaphor “cloud”? - UX Stack Exchange
The origin of the term cloud computing was derived from the practice of using ... The word cloud was used as a metaphor for the Internet, ...
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67 Complex conceptual metaphors arise via neural ... -
For example, a common conceptual metaphor is Events with Causal Effects Are Actions by a Person. That is why the wind blows, why storms can be vicious, and why ...
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68 Stimulus Design is an Obstacle Course: 560 Matched Literal ...
For two reasons, these differences in the nature of metaphor base terms are likely to be paralleled by different neural substrates. First, the cognitive demands ...
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69 Fake News, Internet and Metaphors (to Be Handled Carefully)
Fake News, Internet and Metaphors (to Be Handled Carefully). Rivista di diritto dei media, 2017. 3 Pages Posted: 26 Jun 2018.
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70 Understanding Metaphor: A Relational Frame Perspective
Key words: metaphor, relational frame theory, equivalence-equivalence, transformation of func- tions, nonarbitrary relations.
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71 What if we chose new metaphors for artificial intelligence?
these metaphors to explain technologies in terms of human functions. ... (internet) (blog).
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72 Hate and False Metaphors: Implications to Emerging E ... - MDPI
Future Internet 2022, 14, 314. 2 of 10 metaphorical statements, the use of terms such as enemy, tsunami, and glitter is prevalent.
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73 Metaphor and Symbol, Volume 37, Issue 4 (2022)
Like a Virus. · “Noah's Family Was on Lockdown”: Multimodal Metaphors in Religious Coronavirus-Related Internet Memes in the Nigerian WhatsApp Space · “Dizziness ...
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74 Pushing Back on the Rhetoric of “Real” Life
Metaphors are an important part of how we talk about media. ... that the phrase even earned its own Internet slang abbreviation: IRL.
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75 Foundations of Meaning -
Aristotle, in the Poetics, discusses (one species of) metaphor in terms of ... elevation (Computer sales are on the rise), social compulsion as though it ...
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76 Anger metaphors in the English language - Orazgozel Esenova
The metaphorical expressions analyzed in this study have been taken from various dictionaries, the BNC and the Internet. The data elicited from dictionaries ...
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77 Metaphor - Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Metaphor is a poetically or rhetorically ambitious use of words, a figurative as opposed to literal use. It has attracted more philosophical ...
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78 Metaphors we believe by - AARON Z. LEWIS
› blog › 2019/07/25 › metapho...
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79 What is rabbit hole? | Definition from TechTarget
A rabbit hole, in a metaphorical sense, is a long and winding exploratory path with many connections and offshoots. The term comes from Lewis Carroll's ...
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80 Statistical Metaphor Processing - ACL Anthology
Computer Laboratory, William Gates Building, 15 JJ Thomson Avenue, ... literal translations of metaphorical terms in English, rather than their literal ...
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81 Internet metaphors - HandWiki
Internet metaphors provide users and researchers of the Internet a structure for ... common terms that describe offline social activities and realities.
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82 What Are Conceptual Metaphors? - Medium
Usually conceptual metaphor is a way of understanding something abstract (a target domain) in terms of something concrete (the source domain).
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83 Metaphors for Cyber Security - CORE
system, in terms of which we both think and act, is fundamentally ... ...the original and most commonly used metaphor is the computer (or network) as a ...
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84 What Is a Metaphor? Definition, Meaning, and Examples
You probably use dead metaphors all the time without realizing it! A dead metaphor is a metaphor that has become so common, the imagery it ...
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85 The Metaverse Isn't a Destination. It's a Metaphor - CNET
The term metaverse has drifted around the internet for years. First, a fictional concept -- sci-fi author Neal Stephenson coined the term in ...
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86 The Power of Metaphor - UXmatters
Research has shown that conventional metaphors can be effective means of conveying tricky concepts. In one case, a computer-science teacher used ...
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87 Is “platform” the right metaphor for the technology companies ...
This is what metaphors do. They propose a way of understanding something in the terms of another; the analogy distorts the phenomenon being ...
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88 twitter-based multimodal metaphorical memes portraying ...
rhetoric was vague in terms of policy details, extensively hyperbolic, ... discourse analysis to investigate a metaphorical Internet meme portraying Trump ...
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89 Metaphor Translatability, Untranslatability and In-Betweens
metaphor, the literal seemingly nonsensical association of words can be explained metaphorically. ... To surf the internet. / Cobwebs = dead web.
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90 What Is a Metaphor? How To Use Metaphor Effectively
Everyday we use language to communicate with those around us. We tell jokes, speak frankly and express our feelings in words.
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91 Computer Collocations & Computer Metaphors
The translation of Web · Much more difficult are the items Web crawler · Home page is another interesting collocation because of the words and ...
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92 Limitations of the Media Literacy Metaphor for Social Studies ...
... due to the internet and social media. This metaphorical extension of the term literacy has gained popularity as a general analog for competency.
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