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2 How Do Inmates Buy Things in Jail, Prison? - FindLaw
What Items Can Inmates Purchase? · Snacks (candy, chips, cookies, etc.); · Canned meat, veggies, and soup; · Soft drinks; · Condiments; · Batteries ...
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3 What can inmates buy in jail? - News-Herald
Items available at prisons could include clothes, shoes, and in some cases, even small electronics. According to a Dayton Daily News report, ...
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4 The Company Store: A Deeper Look at Prison Commissaries
If people in prison are resorting to the commissary to buy essential goods, like food and hygiene products, does it really make sense to charge a day's prison ...
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5 Prison commissary - Wikipedia
A prison commissary or canteen is a store within a correctional facility, from which inmates may purchase products such as hygiene items, snacks, ...
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6 Commissary (Store)
› corrections › incarceration
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7 Commissary Lists - Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
An inmate's custody level determines the items inmates are permitted to purchase from the Department of Corrections (DOC) Commissary System.
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8 Stuff You Can Actually Buy in a Prison Commissary - Ranker
› list › aaron-edwards
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9 FAQ: What is the Prison Commissary
Prisoners keep their money in prisoner trust funds. They use this money at the prison commissary, where they can buy coffee, snacks, paper, and stamps.
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10 25 surprising things you can buy at a prison commissary - KCRA
Many privileges are taken away from people once they go to prison, but most inmates are allowed to buy their own items at a prison ...
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11 eCommDirect - Inmate Commissary Purchases and FAQ
The online deposit to an inmate's inmate trust fund account will be ... When I am shopping and hit the back button, why am I locked out of ...
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12 10 things you can legally buy in prison - Corrections1
When most people think of prison, it's usually about what inmates go without. But a closer look at the commissaries inside a few federal prisons ...
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13 Inmate Commissary - Coconino County
Indigent kits are available to inmates who do not have money on their accounts through commissary orders. These kits include toothbrush, toothpaste, ...
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14 Texas Prisoners Spent $95 Million at Commissaries
Inmates serving time in Texas prisons can buy certain “free world” goods — snacks, clothes, even cosmetics — provided that people outside unit ...
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15 Canteen/Property | Missouri Department of Corrections -
› programs › family-friends › cante...
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16 Prison Commissary Survival Items - YouTube
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17 Inmate Commissary Items - Miami-Dade County
Click the Find an Inmate icon or the Start Shopping button; Select the state you are shopping in: Florida and search for your loved one by their last name or ...
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18 Individual in Custody Trust Account - Cook County Sheriff
Clothing; Stamped envelopes; Toiletries; Phone cards; Food items (supplementary to the meals provided). Adding money to an individual in custody's trust fund ...
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19 Main Jail Inmate Funds - Sacramento County Sheriff
Inmates can purchase items through the commissary program with funds deposited for them in an account. Items include a selected group of foods, personal and ...
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20 Inmate Accounting - Utah Department of Corrections
Inmates' primary source of income while incarcerated generally comes from family contributions and prison-based employment. Inmates may use the money to buy ...
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21 Inmate Supplies and Commissary | KCSO
1 Security Toothbrush; 1 Toothpaste; 1 Razor; 1 Comb; 1 Soap bar; 1 Orientation Packet. Once inmates are housed, if they are indigent and ...
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22 Commissary | Pierce County, WA - Official Website
Inmates are allowed to order such items as candy, snacks, cosmetics, beverages, writing materials, miscellaneous items and clothing, provided they have ...
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23 Money - Inmates - Douglas County Sheriff
When inmates get out of jail, staff will refund their money in a prepaid ... After the booking fee is paid, inmates can buy items and services in the ...
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24 Commissary Items - MDOC -
State inmates can purchase limited hygiene, food, and other personal items through canteens at each prison. The privilege of purchasing items is based on an ...
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25 Prison Money Diaries: What People Really Make (and Spend ...
Prisons typically provide the bare minimum when it comes to food, clothes, shoes and hygiene supplies. Some states provide items such as ...
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26 How much do California jails charge incarcerated people for ...
Incarcerated people often purchase items sold in jail stores, called commissaries. Incarcerated people must pay for key necessities, such as stationary, stamps, ...
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27 The big business of prisoner care packages - Vox
Every item is prison- and jail-approved. In some facilities, that can mean no glass or metal containers or no personal hygiene products ...
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28 Commissary | Department of Corrections and Community ...
› commissary
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29 Custody Commissary System - Office of the Sheriff
Inmates' families/friends can avoid paying a deposit fee by sending a money order to the facility that the inmate is housed at: For Main Jail mail to: Inmate ...
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30 Inmate Commissary -
Inmates can purchase envelopes, stamps, shampoo, candy and many other items through the commissary system. If an inmate asks you to put “money on his book” ...
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31 Sending Money to an Inmate - PrisonPro
A commissary is a store within the correctional institution that sells various products the inmates can purchase with their own funds.
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32 Commissary | San Diego County Sheriff
Money can be deposited to an incarcerated person's account through the San ... the San Diego County Jails and their incarcerated persons can be found on the ...
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33 Inmate Meals and Commissary | Jail - Allegheny County
The medical department will order a special diet for an incarcerated individual, if indicated by a health condition. Incarcerated individuals request a special ...
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34 Inmate Commissary - Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department
Commissary order forms will be made available to all inmates in all housing areas listing the items approved for purchase. The exception is as follows:
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35 Send mail or order commissary items for a person in jail
You can send letters and printed material to a person in jail with some restrictions. You may also order commissary items from the Sheriff's Office's approved ...
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36 Corrections Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What items do I need to send to an inmate in the Clermont County Jail? A: All of an inmate's basic needs will be provided by the jail, (food, clothing, ...
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37 FAQ: Inmate Funds - Florida Department of Corrections
The basic needs of an inmate are met. These needs include food, haircuts, clothing, shoes, toiletries (toothpaste, shaving razor, soap, toilet paper, feminine ...
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38 What are things you can buy at a prison commissary ... - Quora
Commissary usually sells snacks, stationary, and hygiene supplies. Civilians can send clothing and food items in to the inmate but these are subject to ...
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39 Inmate Commissary 101 - Everything You Want to Know
What can you buy in prison commissary? When do inmates get commissary? How to deposit to an inmate commissary account. What is inmate commissary ...
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40 Inmate Funds - Baltimore County Government
Undergarments, white short-sleeve tee shirts without pockets or decals, and socks. Items Provided to Inmates. The Department will issue a uniform and the ...
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41 Commissary | Fayette County Sheriff, GA
All inmates are allowed to purchase items from our commissary utilizing Inmate ... Money can be deposited using the electronic kiosk located in the Jail ...
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42 Yuma County Detention Center: Inmate Commissary
Inmates cannot have clothing or other items dropped off to them. Inmates can purchase T-shirts, underwear and socks through the Detention Center Commissary.
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43 Make Payments Online - Sarasota County Sheriff's Office
Money orders may be mailed to inmates at: Access Corrections, P.O. Box 12486 St. · Deposits are accepted at an automated Kiosk located in the jail lobby, 2020 ...
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44 Deposit money to an inmate's personal account -
You can transfer money to an inmate's personal canteen account. Inmates can use this money to buy various items. Create or manage an account ...
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45 Keefe Supply Company - Keefe Group
Keefe Supply Company is the nation's leading provider of food, personal care items , shoes, electronics and clothing to prison and jail commissaries ...
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46 Mail, Commissary & Inmate Accounts - Somerset County
Funds available in the Inmate Account can be used to purchase personal hygiene products, candy, snacks, undergarments, stamps etc. from the commissary store.
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47 Jail Commissary & Bond | Jackson County, IL
Each week, an inmate can purchase up to $100 worth of clothing, hygiene, and food items total. Orders are submitted by 11:00 p.m. on Sunday and delivered on ...
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48 Send Money to a Person in Jail -
A person in jail needs money to buy items from the commissary and to use the ... **Please note that if a fraudulent credit card is used, the inmate will be ...
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49 Inmate Commissary Lists - Arkansas Department of Corrections
Proceeds from the sale of items through Inmate Commissaries are placed in the Inmate Welfare Fund. Inmate Welfare funds can only be used for the general benefit ...
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50 Commissary | Idaho Department of Correction
Residents housed in Idaho Department of Correction prisons and community work centers may purchase supplemental hygiene products, food, ...
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51 Frequently Asked Questions: Inmate Finances
Family members can now post via credit card to inmate banking accounts online at by creating an account, choosing "Commissary" and following the ...
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52 Inmate Commissary - Riverside Regional Jail
During the months of November and December 2016, this will be available to all inmates housed at the jail. Starting January 2017, only inmates with more ...
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53 Commissary - Detention Center - County of Greenville, SC
There is a $100 maximum purchase per order. · Inmates may purchase snack items, hygiene items, writing materials, OTC medications, undergarments and other ...
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54 Inmate Money & Property Accounts - OCFL
Inmate's money accounts are used to buy items from the inmate commissary and to pay for various medical services and jail fees.
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55 Inmate Trust Fund Account | Jail - Livingston County
All monies in an inmates possession at the time of booking will be placed in an account. This money can be used for posting bond, purchasing commissary ...
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56 Inmate Commissary - Office of the Sheriff
Family or friends may provide money for inmates to purchase personal care products, undergarments, stationary, stamps and food/snack items. Those deposits may ...
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57 Inmate Commissary | Walworth County, WI
Cashier checks or money orders can also be sent to the inmate via mail, but personal checks will not be deposited. A jail deposit fee will be applied to ...
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58 Inmate – How to Send Money or Care Packages - Bexar County
All care packages can be ordered through Access SecurePak for sending gift packages to your family or friends in the Bexar County Adult Detention Center.
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59 How far does $15 stretch behind bars in Alabama? Find out at ...
To many people who haven't done time, the term prison commissary conjures images of a window where inmates line up to buy chips, ...
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60 The Fresno County Sheriff-Coroner's Office - Commissary
If an inmate does not have any funds in their account, they are eligible for an indigent package. The indigent package contains soap, toothpaste, a razor, and ...
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61 Friends and Family (SecurePak) Program - How it Works
Violations of these rules could result in a restriction of FFP privileges. Prisoners in segregation are not eligible to receive FFP orders. If an order is ...
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62 Web / Commissary Orders | Napa County, CA
Commissary is a function by which inmates who have money may purchase items such as snacks, drink mixes, candy, dry soups, hygiene items. Napa County Department ...
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63 Inmate Services - - Pinellas County Sheriff's Office
Money orders are accepted 7 days a week at the Visitation Center and Public Lobby or can be mailed to: Pinellas County Jail Inmate Accounting
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64 Oregon's prison commissaries offer Amazon-like array of ...
Inmates place orders weekly, choosing from a list of about 1,200 products, including snacks, candies, food, art supplies, underwear, cosmetics, ...
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65 Commissary - Official Site of Cache County, Utah
It is the mission of the Cache County Jail to provide inmate housing while ... that will ensure safety and security to the community, staff, and inmates.
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66 Inmate Money/Commissary | Burlington County, NJ
Inmates can have family and friends place orders thru Access Securepak from home by visiting Access Securepak or by calling 1-800-546-6283.
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67 Inmate Trust Accounts | Yakima County, WA
Inmates who have money are allowed to spend that money on Commissary. Commissary sells food, magazines, games, personal care items, and writing supplies.
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Inmates can buy writing materials, underwear, playing cards, ... ANSWER: The Skagit County Jail accepts money for inmates 24 hours a day via the kiosk in ...
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69 Inmate Accounts | Paulding County, GA
Commissary Accounts. If you would like to add money to an inmates commissary account while they are incarcerated at the Paulding County Jail, it will be ...
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70 Load a Commissary Account - Sheriff | SLCo
Money orders, cashier checks or a certified bank check not made out to the prisoner or lacking a return address of the sender, is contraband and will be placed ...
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71 Inmate Commissary - County of Berks
What is ConnectNetwork? ConnectNetwork is a deposit service you can use to add money to an inmate's jail account and/or your prepaid telephone account. With ...
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72 Prisons and Prisoners | USAGov
Inmates at federal prisons have bank-type accounts that they can use to buy things. You can deposit money into a federal inmate's account by ...
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73 Inmate Accounts & Commissary | Snohomish County, WA
The commissary provides the opportunity for inmates to purchase personal hygiene items, snacks, and some clothing items. Inmates pay for these items using ...
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74 How To Send Money / Department of Corrections
Incarcerated people do not need money for their day-to-day needs while incarcerated. Each facility provides all of the essential food, clothing and medical ...
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75 How to Put Money on an Inmate's Books - DM Cantor
Inmates can use money to buy items from the canteen, including hygiene items such as toothpaste and shampoo. They can also purchase candy bars and post cards to ...
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76 Inmate Commissary | Arapahoe County, CO - Official Website
Inmates also have the option to buy items on their own on a weekly basis. Those items are delivered to their housing units.
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77 Inmate Accounts | Collin County Sheriff's Office | McKinney, TX
Inmates incarcerated in the Collin County Detention Facility can use the money ... County Jail are able to purchase commissary using their inmate account.
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78 Inmate Commissary and Account System | Faribault County MN
Inmates may purchase different items from the commissary. Items in the commissary are including but not limited to snack foods, personal hygiene products, ...
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79 Inmate Money / Commissary | Jefferson Parish Sheriff, LA
Depositing Money into Inmate Accounts · Accepts cash ONLY, and does not accept credit and debit cards · Must know the inmates CCN number to ensure deposit into ...
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80 What Do You Need To Know About The Prison Commissary ...
Does the prison commissary have postage supplies? ... Yes. Stamps, legal envelopes, and copy cards are available in the commissary. Prisoners can ...
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81 Corrections Vendors | Whatcom County, WA - Official Website
Buy food or supplies for an inmate: ​Our commissary vendor Summit will deliver care packages to inmates via the website JailATM.
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82 Gifts To Inmates - Bonneville County Sheriff's Office
Inmates can use the money from their account to purchase hygiene items, snack foods, and craft items from the Jail commissary program.
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83 Programs and resources for inmates | City of Lexington
Delivery of commissary ordered using My Care Pack will be on the offender's normal delivery day. Depositing funds. In person. The Detention Center has kiosks ...
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84 Inmate Incentive Packages - - Alabama Dept of Corrections
Family and friends can order a seasonal incentive package for their loved ones incarcerated in the Alabama Prison System from Access SecurePak.
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85 Inmate Funds and Commissary - Dutchess County Government
Dutchess County Jail has a commissary program that offers health, beauty, food, beverage, snack and general merchandise items for sale to inmates. Inmates will ...
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86 Inmate Funds / Property / Mail - Mesa County Sheriff's Office
Here you will find information about Inmate Funds, Property, and Mail ... The kiosk will not accept coins or dollar bills. ... Jail Information Line.
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87 Inmate Information - Jackson County MO
Inmates, family and friends can order from the commissary once per week. Inmates can order a maximum of $60.00 in food items and $60.00 in non-food items ...
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88 Programs & Services - Kent County, Michigan
The Kent County Correctional Facility will provide its inmates access to ... working with the Jail Administration and Inmate Services will establish a ...
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89 Inmate Information | Hamilton County, IN
Inmate commissary deposits can be made online. There is also a kiosk in the jail lobby which will accept cash or credit cards. You will need the inmate's ...
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90 Inmate Support Services - Dekalb County Sheriff
INMATE COMMISSARY ACCOUNTS – Inmates can purchase additional food items, personal items and games from the jail commissary with money from personal accounts ...
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91 Sending Money to An Inmate
The South Carolina Department of Corrections operates a cashless system for inmates. This means that incarcerated individuals are not allowed to have U.S. ...
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92 Central Canteen - Iowa Prison Industries
The Central Canteen provides Iowa prisons, jails and organizations with reliable canteen ... IPI can also produce customized packages for your organization.
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93 Inmate Money – Sheriff Department - Dallas County
Inmates in the Dallas County jail can maintain an inmate trust fund account and can access the funds through a bar code on their armbands.
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94 Jail Accounts and Canteen | HCSO, Tampa FL
Facility Locator No. 233619; Hillsborough County, FL; Inmate Booking No. ( EX: 2018-00000, Should be entered without dashes as: 201800000 ); Inmate Name ...
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95 Incarcerated people pay more as inflation hits Kentucky prison ...
Savvy Shabazz sets aside money every month for loved ones serving time, so they can buy toothpaste, soap, food and other essentials from ...
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96 Jail Commissary | Sheriff Connect – Wayne County Michigan
The Commissary serves the inmates four days a week and all profits from the operation are used to fund programs for the inmates. How do I deposit money to an ...
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97 Prisoner Commissary Accounts | Luzerne County, PA
The kiosk accepts $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills. Money can be deposited for the inmate's general account (including commissary) or specifically for the ...
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