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1 Use determined in a sentence
Determined Sentence Examples · Elihu Burritt was a poor boy who was determined to learn. · He's determined to keep me. · It only made me more determined, though.
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2 Determined Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster
Example Sentences · The new policy will be determined by a special committee. · The demand for a product determines its price. · He believes that ...
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3 "Determined" in a Sentence (with Audio)
I am determined to give up smoking. “The path to success is to take massive, determined action”.
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4 Determined Definition & Meaning | Britannica Dictionary
They are determined to find out the cause of the accident. Her early failures made her even more determined to succeed. We are determined not to let it happen ...
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5 Examples of 'determined' in a sentence - Collins Dictionary
Examples of 'determined' in a sentence. determined ; She is a determined woman. · 2016 ; It was a resolute and determined performance. · 2015 ; He found himself ...
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6 Example Solutions - Determined AI Documentation
Example Models. Determined includes several example machine learning models that have been ported to Determined's APIs. These examples can be found in the ...
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7 What Is Determination? (With Definition, Examples and Tips)
It often includes being decisive and demonstrating resoluteness. People who express determination continue to work to achieve their goals, regardless of other ...
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8 Determined Definition & Meaning - adjective -
Example: I am absolutely determined to finish this race, even if I have to crawl across the finish line. Where does determined come from?
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9 Determined Meaning and Example Sentences - YouTube
Feb 13, 2019
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10 9 Examples of Determination - Simplicable Guide
9 Examples of Determination · Pull Motivation · Self-Discipline · Resilience · Trough Of Sorrow · Failure Is Not An Option · Fail Well · Knowledge of ...
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11 Determined Examples - GitHub
Contribute to determined-ai/determined-examples development by creating an account on GitHub.
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12 The Word "Determine" in Example Sentences - Page 1
English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Determine" in Example Sentences Page 1.
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13 What is To Be Determined (TBD)? - Definition | Meaning
Example. Mr. Patrick is a lawyer working for a big law firm called Ford & Bayer Co. He currently holds the position of Senior Mercantile Attorney ...
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14 The Most Important Self-Determination Skills (With Examples)
What Are Some Traits of Determined People? · Setting small, achievable goals. Success is a marathon, not a sprint. · Refraining from negativity.
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15 Is hair color determined by genetics? - MedlinePlus
The amount of melanin is determined by many genes, but not much is ... For example, blond-haired children often have darker hair by the time ...
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16 Self-Determination Theory: How It Explains Motivation
Self-determination theory focuses on internal sources of motivation, including a need ... Example. Self-Determined vs. Non-Self-Determined.
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17 1904.5 - Determination of work-relatedness. - OSHA
For example, if the employee is injured by choking on a sandwich while in the employer's establishment, the case would not be considered work-related.
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18 Understanding Success Criterion 1.3.1: Info and Relationships
For example, the presentation format changes when the content is read by a ... and these relationships programmatically determined or available in text ...
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19 Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) - UNFCCC
Together, these climate actions determine whether the world achieves the long-term goals of the Paris Agreement and to reach global peaking of greenhouse gas ( ...
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20 Determine Sample Size: Definition, Formula and Example
'Sample size' is a market research term used for defining the number of individuals included to conduct research. Researchers choose their sample based on ...
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21 Bid and Ask Definition, How Prices Are Determined, and ...
The average investor contends with the bid and ask spread as an implied cost of trading. For example, if the current price quotation for the stock of ABC Corp.
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22 determined adjective - Oxford Learner's Dictionaries
Definition of determined adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, ...
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23 Opportunistic pathogens in roof-captured rainwater samples ...
Tank water samples were also tested for fecal indicator bacteria ... in roof-captured rainwater samples, determined using quantitative PCR.
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24 Take Charge Challenge: Self-Determined Physical Activity ...
Example 2: Take Charge Challenge: Self-Determined Physical Activity Program · BACKGROUND · IDENTIFY WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN ORDER FOR YOUR VISION OF YOUR ...
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25 Determination Sample Clauses - Law Insider
Determination. references to “determination” of or by the Agent or the Lenders shall be deemed to include good-faith ... Determination Sample Clauses ...
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26 Creating a Self-Determined Major Proposal - Skidmore College
A student interested in a self-determined major must propose a course of study to the Self-Determined Majors SDM Committee ... Examples of SDM Proposals.
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27 Chapter 5: Determining Income & Calculating Rent - HUD
Determining Annual Income. HUD Occupancy Handbook. 5-5. 6/07. Chapter 5: Determining Income & Calculating Rent. 4350.3 REV-1. Example – Anticipated Increase ...
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28 12-month period under the Family and Medical Leave Act ...
the employer determined 12-month period used for other FMLA leave reasons. ... 12-month period such as a fiscal year (for example, October 1 through.
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29 Cancer Staging - American Cancer Society
It's how the doctor determines the stage of a person's cancer. ... For example, the best treatment for an early-stage cancer may be surgery ...
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30 Determined in a sentence
210+47 sentence examples: 1. A wanderer who is determined to reach his destination does not fear the rain. 2. I have determined on going to ...
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31 Benefit Calculation Examples for Workers Retiring in 2023
› oact › progdata › retirebenefit1
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32 How demand and supply determine market price |
If the demand curve in this example was more vertical (more inelastic), the price-quantity adjustments needed to bring about a new equilibrium between demand ...
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33 About Adult BMI | Healthy Weight, Nutrition, and Physical Activity
To determine if BMI is a health risk, a healthcare provider performs further ... For example, here are the weight ranges, the corresponding BMI ranges, ...
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Section 9: Determination of Sample Size 7-8. Section 10: Preparation of Dilution Water 8. Quiz 5.2 9. Section 11: Pretreatment of Sample 9-11. Quiz 5.3 11.
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35 Method to determine whether a year is a leap year - Office
To eliminate this error, the Gregorian calendar stipulates that a year that is evenly divisible by 100 (for example, 1900) is a leap year only ...
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36 How to Determine Sample Size for a Research Study - GeoPoll
This article will discuss considerations to put in place when determining your sample size and how to calculate the sample size. Confidence ...
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37 SDR Valuation - International Monetary Fund
The currency value of the SDR is determined by summing the values in U.S. dollars, based on market exchange rates, of a basket of major currencies (the U.S. ...
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38 Worked example: Determining a rate law using initial rates data
› ap-chemistry-beta › expe...
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39 example-letter-of-determination-wetlands.pdf - Island County
EXAMPLE OF LETTER OF DETERMINATION. May 19, 2020. Name. Address. City, State, Zip. RE: Wetland Review. Address. City, State, Zip. Dear Name:.
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40 Disability Determination - Chart Note Examples | DSHS
Revised December 12, 2011 Example Scenarios The following tables contain examples of phrases found in chart notes and the corresponding rating: Bob applies ...
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41 Social Determinants of Health - Healthy People 2030
Examples of SDOH include: Safe housing, transportation, and neighborhoods; Racism, discrimination, and violence; Education, job ...
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42 Determination - Wikipedia
Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult ... An example of autonomous motivation would be doing something because of ...
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43 I bonds interest rates - TreasuryDirect
Look at the example below to see how we combine the fixed rate and the inflation ... but from the fact that the interest is calculated on a growing balance.
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44 Interest Rates and Fees for Federal Student Loans
Understand how federal student loan interest is calculated and what fees you may need to pay. ... Example of What Happens When Interest Capitalizes.
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45 Endangered Species for Prostrate Milkweed and Designation ...
Under the Act, we may determine that a species is an endangered or threatened ... For example, species or populations may be classified as ...
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46 use "determine" in a sentence
She is determined to quit her job and travel around Europe for a year. The President has reaffirmed his government's determination to improve the economy.
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47 This guy is an example of determination - Facebook
› ... › The Sport Dealer › Videos
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48 Independent contractor versus employee
For example, if a court were to determine in a particular case that the ABC test is preempted by an applicable federal law, the Borello test would be used.
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49 Resources Archive - I'm Determined
Educator Pathway to Success. Educators often ask our team, “Where do I start?” While every educator may introduce self-determination in different ways, the ...
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50 Example of determined games - Mathematics Stack Exchange
Example of determined games · One of the questions is Starting at “Start”, does Player I have a strategy to “force” the play to reach the “Goal”?
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51 Determined Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms ... - INK
What are 3 synonyms for determination? Is ambitious and determined the same? What is an example of determine? What is the meaning of synonym?
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52 Examples Of Determination In The Giver -
Examples Of Determination In The Giver ... He was determined the whole time to get the memories and feelings back so that there would be no release anymore.
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53 Determination Definition and Examples - Biology Online
Determination in the largest biology dictionary online. Free learning resources for students covering all major areas of biology.
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54 Use determination will in a sentence - Examples -
See how to use determination will in a sentence. Lot of example sentences with the word determination will.
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55 Are We Free or Determined? - 1445 Words | Essay Example
A decision to do the right thing in the society, for example, is determined by the moral standards that have been set by the society.
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56 How Did Scientists Calculate the Age of Earth?
The age of rocks is determined by radiometric dating, which looks at the proportion of two different isotopes in a sample.
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57 Commissioner's Determination on Masking in ... - COVID-19
For example, CDC studies have documented outbreaks and ongoing transmission in healthcare facilities and nursing homes, and New York data.
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58 Coefficient of Determination (R²) | Calculation & Interpretation
Example: Coefficient of determination Imagine that you perform a simple linear regression that predicts students' exam scores (dependent ...
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59 How We Determine Your Post-9/11 GI Bill Coverage
Your Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits will cover you at the percentage you're eligible for. Example: If the in-state tuition at your public school is $22,000, the ...
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60 Is Determined Adjective Or Verb? 3 Facts(When & Examples)
Example: Rupali was determined to get the first rank in her class. In this sentence, the word “determined” is an adjective that is qualifying the naming ...
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61 How do you determine whether you are a controller or ... - ICO
However, it is far more common for a data controller to allow its processor discretion over how the processing takes place using its own expertise. Example. A ...
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62 HACCP Principles & Application Guidelines - FDA
APPENDIX D - Examples of how the stages of hazard analysis are used to ... to assist in determining whether a control point is a CCP.
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63 Determining Risk Levels | IT Security & Policy Office
For example: Because one of the risk events was rated as "High Risk", the overall risk level for the system ...
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64 About Ad Rank - Google Ads Help
Ad Rank is a value that's used to determine where ads are shown on a page relative to ... the type of device they're using (For example, mobile or desktop), ...
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65 Use "determined" in a sentence -
[2138 Example Sentences + Audio] How to make, use, write and learn "determined" in a sentence? The word "determined" in 2138 example sentences, "determined" ...
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66 Determine Total Export Price - International Trade Administration
Learn how to determine the total export price, or landed cost of an export shipment. ... For example, ball point pens have a 5% tariff rate.
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67 Determine battery cycle count for Mac laptops - Apple Support
In this example, it might take several days to complete a cycle. Batteries have a limited amount of charge cycles before their performance is ...
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68 What is a data controller or a data processor?
How the data controller and data processor is determined and the ... For example, the contract must indicate what happens to the personal data once the ...
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69 Blood groups - NHS
... and O. Your blood group is determined by the genes you inherit from your parents. ... For example, if someone with group B blood is given group A blood, ...
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70 Does zoning affect the target housing determination ... - EPA
For example, would a pre-1978 house that is zoned for commercial or office use, but used for residential purposes be considered target housing?
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71 15 Self-Determination Examples (2022) - Helpful Professor
15 Self-Determination Examples. By Dave Cornell (PhD) and Peer Reviewed by Chris Drew (PhD) / November 30, 2022. self determination examples.
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72 Example of Preliminary Determination - Wisconsin DNR
Note: Copies of the permit application, the department's analysis, preliminary determination and draft permit, and other materials considered by the ...
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73 DETERMINED (adjective) definition and synonyms
​usually before nounshowing that you are not willing to let anything prevent you from doing what you have decided to do. determined opposition/resistance.
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74 Reporting & Determining Taxable Wages - TWC
Determine what constitutes employee wages, how wages are reported, multi-state ... In this example, the employer must file reports for the second, third and ...
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75 Ranking Results – How Google Search Works
For example, one of several factors we use to help determine this is understanding if other prominent websites link or refer to the content. This has often ...
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76 Determining Instructional Goals and Learning Objectives
Example : Students will design a garden. Determining Student Learning Objectives. Now break down each goal into smaller steps. Each step should be concrete and ...
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77 Am I Eligible for UC? - Unemployment Compensation - PA.GOV
For example, agricultural labor and domestic services performed in a private ... If you have been determined to be financially eligible, the second step ...
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78 Retired Pay - Military Compensation
Member's percentage of disability determined by the military service; Years of creditable ... For example, 20 years of service would equal a 50% multiplier.
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79 Self Determination Theory (Definition + Examples)
Self Determination Theory (Definition + Examples). Theodore T. March 12, 2022. Think about your goals for the month, the year, or even your life.
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80 Determine if input is valid variable name - MATLAB isvarname
example. tf = isvarname( s ) determines if input s is a valid variable name. If s is a valid MATLAB® variable name the isvarname function returns logical 1 ...
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81 Meaning and Examples of Self-Determination
Self-Determination – Meaning, Examples And Importance In The Workplace. Deep enjoyed socializing at work. From making time for his coworkers ...
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82 Linux File Command: How to Determine File Type in Linux
This version of the output only shows file types and omits file names. file -b Example example.txt sample.png index.html.
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83 Reaction Rates & How to Determine Rate Law - ChemTalk
Usually, there are many intermediate reactions, or elementary steps, that occur to get from the reactants to the products. For example, the ...
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84 How to determine length or size of an Array in Java?
length: length is a final variable applicable for arrays. With the help of the length variable, we can obtain the size of the array. Examples:
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85 Self-Determination: Definition, Theory, & Examples
Self-Determination Examples · A child playing with toys for enjoyment · Exercising because you value the health benefits · Quitting smoking because you value ...
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86 What are some best examples of determination? - Quora
“Guys, anyone have a sharpener?” he had asked during Art class. No reply surfaces the ...
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87 Use "determined" in a sentence -
Examples of how to use the word determined in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
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88 Determining differential rate laws
If we are given the reaction orders for a reaction, we have the values of the coefficients we need to write the rate law. For example, if we are told that a ...
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89 Famous Examples of Determination - A Knowledge Archive -
Famous Examples of Determination · 1. Stephen King · 2. Bob Champion and Aldaniti · 3. Andy Murray wins Wimbledon 2013 · 4. Thomas Edison · 5.
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90 How to Determine the Correct Sample Size - Qualtrics
Learn how to determine sample size. To choose the correct sample size, you need to consider a few different factors that affect your research, and gain a basic ...
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91 Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) -
How is an element's size determined? # ... For example, images that are shrunk down to a much smaller than their intrinsic size will only ...
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92 Example Calculated Values Expressions - OpenGround Wiki
Example Calculated Values Expressions. The following table gives some examples of equations that can be used in a calculated heading in ...
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